Welp, it’s been two days since I planted everything and not surprisingly, I’m still loving all my green plant babies! I wake up and look over at the pothos on my bedside table and I smile. I’m so excited for the day when it starts to trail and I can have it climbing on the wall over my bed. Gosh, plants are just so awesome and they bring me such joy.

I decided I’m not going to take outfit pictures every day anymore. I was doing it for myself and for myself I can decide to stop. I know none of you would judge me or really care, so know that I’m saying this 100% for myself. I just need it to be known. 😀 The weather is getting warmer, oh boy is it warm, and I’ve realized working from home means I can wear shorts that I otherwise would not wear at work. So there’s a plus. Working from home really hasn’t been as horrid as I expected. It actually hasn’t been horrid (although the first two to three weeks were a legit challenge) and I wonder what I’ll end up doing when our world has adjusted to covid and working in an office is more acceptable again. I don’t have to know that right now, thankfully, and can continue to go day by day, as is generally a good thing.

I had a lot of meetings today, which is abnormal for me, so I’m a bit tired but I feel good overall. I didn’t mention in my previous posts that Kevin let me take home two of his blue tooth headsets to try out. I was so excited because the past two blue tooth earbuds I have, I did not like. I’ve never had a blue tooth headset. He had great timing because I had to join a one hour phone call today that I couldn’t do through my computer so voila, I used one of the headsets and was comfortable the whole time. Yes!

Elisabeth is making us homemade sweet potato fries to go with dinner tonight and in thirty minutes I’ll be joining my weekly meetup hangout. Life is pretty grand. It’s the little things, you know?

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