I am still alive, just haven’t felt like blogging this past week, mostly I think because of the steroids I had to take for my wisdom tooth. They pulled my mood down and it wasn’t until Sunday night when I told Elisabeth I was feeling sad that she said, “Don’t steroids make you depressed? Maybe they’re affecting you?” and it hit me that that was 100% it. Knowing that actually made me feel better. That, and having a social distance picnic with my friends that evening also really helped. More social distance picnics in my future, please!

I’m off the steroids now (off all my wisdom tooth meds!) and my mood is improving so here I am writing again. Yesterday evening I went to Kaitlin’s for family dinner time and it was, as always, lovely. I got to hang out with Emily, Ollie, and my mom as the kids took a bath. Ollie is now at the point where he is happy to see me, and it’s very sweet. I’m sure he’d be happy to see anyone but I’d like to think that he kind of knows who I am and likes me. He’s not really a talker so it’s hard to tell. Come on kid, I want you speak to me! Emily, at least, has plenty to say so there’s never a lull in the conversation. That little one speak so clearly and intelligently, she impresses me every time I see her.

My mom made teriyaki tofu for me and brought Oreo thins for dessert! Oh heck yes. She’s done such a great job embracing me being vegan, thanks Mom! And while my family may not eat tofu as often as I do, they are eating it way more than I ever would have expected of them so props to them.

This evening Elisabeth and I video chatted with Lydia because it had been way too long. Dave is going to replace the tiny mouse door in their house with an adult-sized door! That just means I’m definitely going to have to visit again so I can see all the changes. I’m pretty sure I instantly fell in love with that house the moment I stepped inside. It’s kind of a magical place. I was telling Lydia that 2021 is going to be a travel year for me since 2020 has been such a bust. Ideally I’d like to go somewhere every other month in 2021 and let’s hope that Lydia’s home can be one of my stops!

So here I am, hopefully back in the swing of things. Talk to you all later!

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