Guys. Guys! Guess what? My platelets are still normal! /happy dance. I went in this morning wearing the beautiful floral mask Kaitlin made me (it’s my favorite) and ten minutes later I was literally dancing in the parking lot because my platelets are still normal. I’m dancing in my chair right now as I write this, I feel so happy. I still have yet to leave that doctor’s office without crying though. I keep thinking that the longer I go with my normal levels, the less emotional I’ll feel when I get the results but that hasn’t happened yet. I’m just as relieved every time. And that’s okay. I don’t stress about the test beforehand like I used to at least, so that’s progress. My first good test result continues to be taped to the shelf next to my desk as a reminder that me and my body did it.

I learned last night that my friend, Meseret, is in Denver for the summer (she’s a professor in Arizona) so looks like I’ll be going on a picnic with her sometime soon. I’m really excited to see her again, we didn’t get nearly enough time to hang out the last time she was in town.

Elisabeth and I got MetaBurger for dinner tonight and we watched the first episode of the new Queer Eye season. Tomorrow I will be meeting up with my friend Kayla while I also drop off my first compost bags! Did I mention I’m composting now? I’m doing it through a service called Scraps. Scraps partners with local businesses in order to leave compost cans around the Denver area. You sign up for the compost can closest to you, get yourself a compost bucket, and voila, start collecting. I signed up for the Scraps can by Dirt Coffee, in downtown Littleton, because I can pass it on my way to and from Kaitlin’s. It’s pretty great. I picked up my compost bucket last weekend and got myself a vegan bundt cake while I was at it. So I’m meeting Kayla at Dirt Coffee tomorrow morning to deposit the two compost bags I’ve already filled and to catch up with my dear friend. It’ll be lovely. Let the weekend begin!

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