6-8-20 Summer & food

I’m really starting to feel like we’re in summer. A few days ago a hummingbird stopped at both my hummingbird feeders for a nice refreshment. It took a couple of weeks and it’s only this one little guy, but I love it. I only need one hummingbird to make my feeders worth it. Now if only he’d feed on the inside feeders I could snap a good picture of him. #summergoals Elisabeth and I went on a walk last night at 8pm, we stepped out as the sunset gave its final goodbye and we wandered the park as night set in. There was a heavy scent to the air that I think came from the trees and the wind blew just enough to cool us. I remembered walking the park in the evenings when we first moved in last August. Those walks were ones of sadness and despair and my only hope was that walking in nature would lift my spirits slightly. Now, my walks are those of joy and peace. How time changes one. One of my columbine plants just bloomed and I walked by a honeysuckle bush during my lunch walk today. I breathed in that sweet perfume and couldn’t help but smile. Yep, summer is basically here and I know it’s going to be a happier one than last summer was for me. I felt worried that with covid hanging around, I would be disappointed in this summer, but I don’t think that’s going to be the case. I’ll be going to the botanic gardens this week and hopefully spending a decent amount of time outdoors. This summer can be a good one even if it isn’t filled with whatever I thought it was going to be filled with. And other than travel, which has been cancelled and postponed, let’s be honest, I didn’t have any specific activities on my summer to do list.

Tonight, Elisabeth and I made a new recipe for dinner – spaghetti spinach nests. This recipe has promise. After cooking for so many years, our expectations for a recipe are quite high. If we’re going to add another recipe to our rotation, it needs to be good. Not too hard, not too many specialized ingredients, not take too long. And of course, it needs to taste good. This one is close, the flavor was a little off but that could be because we didn’t use fresh herbs like it called for (there was also just a bit too much nutritional yeast in it). So we’ll try it again some time with some tweaks and see how it goes. It does make for a fun presentation, doesn’t it. And though our expectations are high for recipes, that doesn’t stop us from trying new ones on the regular. In fact, we made another new recipe last night – coconut butter cauliflower. That one was delicious, although almost too spicy for me. I think it will be added to our favorites list. Here’s to trying more recipes this summer and enjoying myself as much as I’d like throughout the warmer months.

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