6-10-20 Staycation begins!

I am not going back to work until Tuesday! Woot. Initially I was going to take the Amtrak down to Grand Junction but for a variety of reasons all relating to covid, I decided I needed to cancel that trip. I will find my way over there some other time. And instead of cancelling my days off, I thought it would be good to take a break. Even if I just go to the doctor and the dentist and chill in the park. To be clear, though, I’m also going to the Botanic Gardens on Friday. That’s currently the highlight of the week.

I’m getting a very strong vibe from the managers of my department that we won’t be going back into the office until there is a vaccine for covid. And even when we can go back into the office, most people won’t. I voted for a hybrid model for myself, where I go in 2 days a week and work from home 3 days. That kind of surprised me. Up until I was forced to work from home I was a staunch supporter of Lauren Carrs going into the office. But I have to say, there are perks with working from home. I don’t have to wear shoes, for one. In fact, I can wear slippers and it’s totally cool. I also don’t have to pack a lunch. But I still need some kind of social interaction and thus 2 days a week of office time was my vote.

I met up with my coworker, Cathy, this afternoon to have dinner with her and celebrate her birthday, which is next week. I made a spice cake for her. It turned out really well but next time I’ll leave out the ground cloves, they’re just not my flavor. Originally, three other coworkers were going to join us, but they all had to bail for one reason or another so Cathy and I switched up our plans and met at Cuba Cuba Sandwiches. I grabbed myself a Native Foods burger before heading over to the nice outdoor table she snagged for us and we visited for a couple of hours. I enjoyed seeing her and am now winding down my day. Good evening, everyone.

One thought on “6-10-20 Staycation begins!

  1. Love that pic of Pippin! Interesting about the cloves in the spice cake. I really liked it without the cloves and the other spice you didn’t have (can’t remember what it was).

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