6-11-20 Do All The Things!

Today was my chore and errand day of my staycation. I can’t not have one of those days, you know? So I went to the dentist, the doctor, the pet store, Costco, and the emissions testing site. And then I vacuumed, did the dishes, reorganized my closet, and a few other odds and ends to make the apartment a more pleasant place. I was planning on cleaning my bathroom too but that just didn’t happen, tomorrow morning it is.

So my day was busy but I handled it well and will fall asleep quickly tonight. I got most of what I wanted done today and even had a surprise video chat with Lydia. She messaged me asking if I had time for a game and it was quite stunning timing as I had sat down maybe 10 minutes earlier from doing all the things. We hopped on video and played A to Z, where we got different topics and had to think of answers that went with each letter. I so enjoyed it and my time with her.

Today is also the day I received the poster size print of my goddess face! Can I be any more in love with it? The poster is huge. But, I mean, I couldn’t get a smaller print of my gorgeous face, could I? No. This art piece represents all that I want to be and that I am, it’s gotta be big. Once I figure out the frame situation, this beauty is going on a wall!

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