Sunday was a pretty great day for me. I made some cookie dough, took care of my plants, and then went to H Mart to grab ingredients for two new dishes Elisabeth and I are going to try over the next few days. My trip to H Mart was way less stressful than it was last time I went. Maybe it’s because I came slightly earlier in the day or maybe it’s because people are panicking less now that covid has become the new norm. Everyone was wearing face masks and social distancing was happening the majority of the time and it really reduced my stress level. Go human beings, we can do it!

In the early afternoon, Elisabeth and I met up with Kayla for hang out time. We sat at Holly Park (which isn’t really great for sitting, heads up there) and talked about all sorts of things ranging from altruism to tv shows to looking at the clouds. I felt happy and at peace. These moments with Kayla are limited since she’s moving in a month and are even more precious than they normally would be. But aren’t all my moments with others limited? Shouldn’t they all be just as precious? I believe this is my only life, and it’s finite, so every interaction I have with someone I would like to be special and meaningful. I mean, maybe not every interaction, but more often than not, right?

Geeze, I feel like sometimes I get really mushy and dramatic. It’s part of who I am, sure. but I’m also goofy as hell so here’s a joke for you to lighten the load of life:

A plateau is the highest form of flattery.

Did you know I like dad jokes? Yeah, it’s a thing.

So, after seeing Kayla, I baked my cookies. These are cookies that Kaitlin made the previous week, Kaitlin’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, and I begged her for the recipe because I loved the ones she made. She was kind enough to give it to me and after vegan-fying it I have to say, the vegan version is not as good as the non-vegan version. The peanut butter was too rich and there wasn’t enough sugar to make the cookie sweet enough. Kaitlin gave me some advice to improve it for next time so I’ll try again later. To be fair, the second day the cookies were better, but still not as good as Kaitlin’s.

Today, I finally got my Ikea order that I had placed on May 10th. Covid times are long shipping times, that’s for sure. But my order is here now which means I know what I’ll be doing this weekend – putting together an outdoor bench. I’m pretty excited. I envision myself sitting outside in the morning warmth and reading. Could I do that now? Yes. Do I do it? Sometimes. But doing it on a bench is even more magical. ;P

On Sunday I also had the brilliant idea to drink a smoothie while taking a shower. You know how people drink beer or eat oranges while showering? I figured why not drink a smoothie? It’s just as good, if not better. So today I made myself a smoothie, cranked up the heat on the shower, and took my showering to a completely other level. You can see by my face that I was really excited about it. Perhaps overly excited, although I’m not sure that’s possible because it was quite nice and fun. I would do it again and I do recommend all of you figure out your drink of choice and bring it with you next time you shower. Wash your arm. Take a sip. Wash your other arm. Take a sip. It’s fantastic and helps you relax a bit more. 10/10, would do again.

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