Today has been a task oriented day. I have gotten some reading in though so it wasn’t all go go go. Tomorrow I’m throwing Brittany a picnic birthday party so I had to get stuff for that. I decided I’m going to do a charcuterie spread for her bday dinner since fried cauliflower wings and ice cream cake won’t travel or sit that well on a hot summer evening. Hopefully this time next year covid will be under control and I can throw her a party indoors, with air conditioning. Regardless, it’s going to be fun and I have a nice spread of food for the eating.

After shopping I finally started transforming one of my balconies into the oasis I want it to be. And by that I mean that I built the bench that Ikea delivered to me on Tuesday. There’s still more to do but the bench is up and that was the biggest thing so I’m quite pleased. It looks so much better than the white shelf I had there before and I can actually sit on this piece of furniture too! Multipurpose for the win. I put my fake grass flooring in front of it and that corner is looking swell if I do say so myself. I think I might have to find or make some art to go above it though, then it will be complete.

I picked up picture frames from Michael’s before heading home and once back I hung both my goddess poster and the poster above my plant shelf. It’s incredible how framing art immediately elevates a space. Now to find something to go above the couch… I am still in love with that print of me and I specifically hung it above my dresser so I have a nature goddess corner. Plants + butterfly picture + goddess print = perfection. Plus, the two pieces on the other wall are also nature related so I think it’s pretty great. Elisabeth suggested I get some fake ivy to surround the frame so I’ll have to consider that, but even as is I’m thrilled.

Last night, I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. The sunset filled almost the entire horizon and it transitioned from a deep purple to a hot pink to an orange. I could see the mountains clearly and the cloud patterns were something else. I kept saying “wow” over and over and had to stand outside for a couple minutes in silence in order to try to soak it in as much as I possibly could. I realized that the amount of sunsets I get to see are limited and I wanted to appreciate this one to its full extent because I’d never see that exact one again. And perhaps not even one as beautiful. Life is so precious and I am so lucky to be in it and be privileged to be able to see this beauty and smile and feel happiness. I hope the same for all of you as well.

So with that said, I end this post with this video Elisabeth shared with me the other day. We both laughed so much that I have to spread the joy of it to all of you. Gotta appreciate life in all its forms, right? Including the wacky and goofy ones.

One thought on “6-27-20

  1. That video cracked me up!!! And the framed goddess pic is gorgeous! Truly captures your beautiful spirit.

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