Last week passed quickly and without much ado. I think perhaps I was recuperating from Brittany’s birthday party last Sunday. And since interacting with humans in person these days is doubling exhausting than pre-covid times, that took me a week. 😉

Yesterday I got to see both Kayla and my family since it was a day off work. But before all that I went to Costco to fill up my tires because I had noticed one of them looking a little low. I drove up to the mechanic’s garage and was directed to two new parking spots that had self-serve air stations. I actually like the idea because I always feel awkward standing around the garage looking for a mechanic to wave down to help me. So I went on over and then proceeded to spend three minutes wondering why the air wasn’t filling my tire. I was following the directions. So I had to wave down a mechanic after all…He came over and told me my tire was too low, and if a tire is too low, the self-serve station refuses to fill it. We both grumbled about how silly that was and I drove my car back to the garage area so he could fill my tires there. Turns out there is a nail in my tire so back to Costco I’ll go tomorrow to get that fixed. Tire problems are always such a bummer. Why do we have so many gosh darn nails in our roads? Why?!

So after hearing I’d have to get my tire patched up I definitely needed some friend and family time to boost my mood. I met Kayla at Dirt Coffee so we could each drop off our compost. We sat outside sipping our drinks and discussing the ways of life. Oh how I will miss getting to see her at the drop of a hat. We’ve hit the one month countdown before she leaves. I did really well not thinking about though and instead my full attention was on her and our conversation and it was lovely.

I then went to Kaitlin’s where I hung out there for a few hours. I got to watch Kaitlin spray paint her star cookies in a stripe pattern which turned into these cute red and white striped cookies with a blue icing outline. Spray painting cookies is so fascinating to me. We all played outside for a while where Ollie swung for at least 45 minutes straight, maybe an hour. And it wasn’t until we all decided to go in the front yard that he got down. I think that kid and I may be best pals too. Now if I can just get him to say my name! Once in the front, Ollie grabbed a small flag that someone had left in their yard and ran around the front waving it. He was this patriotic, happy little thing and it was a joy to watch him.

I came back home and had a relaxing evening eating Thai food and watching episodes from the last season of Schitt’s Creek. I also reserved an airbnb in Pueblo for me and Elisabeth to have a weekend getaway at the beginning of August. It’s a way for us to cope with Kayla leaving, to celebrate me being separated from Gene for a year (while I loved and love most of our relationship, the last year together was real hell for me, so I’m celebrating not being in that misery any longer), and I will have been alive for one billion seconds on August 2nd (also Katie’s birthday!) so I have to celebrate that too. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s the small things in life.

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