7-7-20 – food & Hamilton

Saturday evening, Elisabeth and I made risotto for the first time ever. Mushroom and artichoke risotto – and it was a success. The dish was actually better the second day too (is risotto like lasagna??). This means I now have the confidence and courage to make the butternut squash risotto recipe Martha sent me so long ago. It had intimidated me up until now but I know I can handle it! We brought our dinner outside, as we do almost every day, but this time we made it fancy with a candle and some Italian music so we could pretend we were sitting along the Mediterranean Sea in Italy. There was a slight breeze, the sun was just beginning to set, and with our new curtains blocking most of our view I could almost smell that salt water smell. I enjoyed myself and our homemade Italian bistro.

Sunday I baked myself some biscotti since I liked Elisabeth’s so much. They came out just as tasty as hers and I can say I’ve eaten more than I should have in the space of three days. Sometimes it’s really hard to be disciplined and we all just do our best. I actually remembered to put on an apron this time, 99% of the time I forget and end up with flour all over my clothes (I’m a messy baker, it’s part of the process).

Sunday evening we watched Hamilton through Disney+. The performance spoke to me as I knew it would, but I’m not sure I quite have the words to describe how much it affected me. It gave me hope for my country and reminded me to not give up trying to make my world a better place for all people. I think that’s the best I can do, you’ll just have to imagine how that feels. I cried, laughed, squealed with glee, and wondered at the pure beauty and skill of these performers and their clear voices. If you have Disney+, please watch this. If you don’t have Disney+, ask me for my log in info! Or just pay the $7 to have access for a month, watch Hamilton and then catch up on all the many Marvel movies you’ve still yet to see. Hamilton is 100% worth $7 and the 2 hours and 40 minutes it takes to watch it. Lin Manuel Miranda and the entire crew of that production will blow you all away.*

*That’s a Hamilton reference, go watch it!

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