Sunday I didn’t have any plans, and it actually turned out okay, I really enjoyed my day and wasn’t anxious at all. I dropped off my compost at Dirt Coffee, took care of my plants (I discovered I killed my last air plant, the one I had brought with me from the house, so that was a bummer…but…I guess it means I’ll have to buy myself some more air plants so not all is lost.), cleaned my oven (finally, from me spilling spice cake batter in it like a month ago), read some of my friend’s book (I have a friend who legit wrote a book! And she’s letting me read it!), and puttered around. Overall, really solid day. Would live it again. 😉

Monday, Elisabeth and I watched the final three episodes of Schitt’s Creek. I cried. A lot. It’s funny, because I did not want to watch the show. Elisabeth had told me about it a while back and I had no interest. “Ex-rich people in a small town? Nah, that doesn’t sound like a thing for me.” But then, one evening, while we were stretching, she turned on the first episode for some reason. She had already watched the first two or three seasons. And even though I was done stretching and I started getting ready for bed, I kept going back out into the den and watching the show. I couldn’t help it. It drew me in. And I try to not look at screens past 9pm! But I was hooked. Elisabeth told me this past Monday night after we finished the show, that she had turned on that first episode those many months ago solely because she knew if I heard the dialogue, I would want to watch it. Boy, does she know me well because she was spot on. And now, six seasons later, the characters own part of my heart. I used 21 tissues over those last three episodes, I was basically bawling my eyes out for most of it. Elisabeth used three. What can I say, I wear my emotions on my sleeve. Or my tissue. The first picture above is me 10 minutes after I shed my last tear. I wanted to capture the moment.

After that last episode, I needed a slight pick me up and breather, so I was thankful when Lydia said she had some time to video chat with me. Just seeing her filled me with peace and happiness, thanks, Lydia. I had actually planned on chatting with her earlier in the evening but I totally bailed on her to watch Schitt’s Creek. Sometimes I’m not a great friend, it’s true. But Lydia totally took it in stride and was so kind and encouraging that I didn’t feel too guilty for making her wait for me. We had a truly lovely chat and we’re planning on getting together again some time soon so we can play a game.

It was getting late by the time I said goodbye to her but I had just enough daylight left to go check the mail for my new glasses. That’s right, I bought myself a new pair, surprise! I think I like them but I’m not quite sure, see above. When I look at myself in the mirror I feel good, but when I see myself in pictures I start to question the purchase. I’ll probably keep them. My friends encouraged me to go to a glasses store to get them fitted a bit more properly (they keep falling down my nose), so I will hopefully get to that this weekend. Figuring out what I feel good in is a lot harder than I thought it would be. As Elisabeth told me yesterday though, it’s a life long thing, and that was encouraging.

Yesterday, Elisabeth and I made our tasty spaghetti and kale dish with a side of brussel sprouts because it was finally cool enough to use the oven! I ended up burning many of the brussel sprouts, oops, but still found a way to stuff them in my mouth because, hey, it’s a brussel sprout. We initially wanted to sit outside for our weekly meetup video chat because of how cool it was, but then it started raining a whole hell of a lot that I knew I wouldn’t be able to hear anyone and they wouldn’t be able to hear us and so inside again it was. Still, the chat was wonderful, as always. That group makes me laugh and smile so much, I am so grateful that I found them and they decided to keep me.

Now I’m finishing up my homemade pizza dinner and will watch Mixed Taste in about 30 minutes. Tonight’s topics are Polar Forests and Trendy Soul Food. I think I can get behind those two. Hope everyone’s weeks are going as well as mine. 🙂

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