7-17-20 Bats

The bats are still here! Last night I saw them again. Whatever the roof people were doing yesterday it wasn’t killing or trapping them, thankfully. This time around I grabbed my phone and attempted to record their evening flight. At first I was very nervous to get up close, and I jumped back after the first one stuck its head out, but after some nervous giggling and Elisabeth laughing at me, I shook myself off, said that I was a “badass young woman” and got right up there to record the little things. I actually got two decent videos from my bravery.

Here’s what my face looked like as I was recording the bats:

One part exhilaration. One part terror. Okay, so maybe that face wasn’t exactly how I looked….not the full time at least. I calmed down after my little pep talk to myself and pretty easily shoved my phone as far as my arms would reach in an attempt to get that close up I wanted. And while I got two videos I’m proud of, I didn’t get as close as I was hoping so maybe I can get a better close up video some other time. How have we never seen these guys before?! That’s what really trips me up. How long have they been our roommates?!

This week has just flown by. I met with my manager a couple of weeks ago and basically asked for more work and now I barely have a moment’s pause. It’s not bad at all, but it means I’m slightly more tired by the end of the day. I took my afternoon break today and instead of calling Ikea like I had planned, I smartly realized that I needed an actual break and not just a shift of work tasks. So I laid down on my bed to love on Pippin. It was the best choice I could have made. He quickly got comfy on my stomach, which is not what I had planned but which worked out just fine. It was like he was my own tiny, furry, weighted blanket. It was quite comforting.

Now my weekend is starting and Elisabeth and I are going to get dinner from FelFel tonight! We’re finally gonna use the gift cards my parents got us, thank you! I’m planning on forgoing being 100% vegan tonight too and getting myself some baklava. If the worst thing I do tonight is eat a bit of honey, I think I can live with it. I will definitely never turn into those really obnoxious, unhelpful, vindictive vegans. Come on, we’re all human, we just do the best we can. Let’s support one another rather than making each other feel guilty.

So, who knows what else we’ll get up to this evening but I imagine it will consist of me eating a whole container of baklava, laughing a lot, petting my adorable cat, and maybe dancing to some music ’cause it’s a Friday night on a really warm summer day so why not work up even more of a sweat? Talk to you all later!

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