7-19-20 Comics, plants, friends

Yesterday, the Squirrel Girl comics I ordered got delivered. Three days earlier than I was expecting! What a happy surprise. I only have two more volumes to purchase and then I’ll have the full series. It still amazes me that I own comics, multiple volumes of comics. This is not how I saw my life unfolding but I have to say, it’s great, I like where I am, and I like where it seems to be going. Now I’m thinking I need to find or make my own bookend to keep my comics standing upright. I already damaged one of my Squirrel Girl volumes from my own sheer stupidity so I’d like to not continue that down that road. Thank goodness I’m not a serious collector.

I took care of my plants, as I normally do every Sunday, and I saw that one of my hostas has bloomed! I like hostas for their foliage, not their flowers, but the flowers are a neat addition and I was surprised that it bloomed on its first year in the pot. Wish I could say my columbines were still doing great, but they’re really struggling. Not enough water, not the right soil? I don’t know the reason, but I’ll try to water them more often and see if that helps. Sometimes I can’t keep a plant alive. The indoor ferns I bought are also really suffering. I’m a plant murderer. I’ve inadvertently killed quite a high number of plants, actually. It happens. And it makes me feel sad and guilty. But it doesn’t stop me from buying other plants and continuing to try. Better to have tried than to never have gotten those beautiful columbines in the first place, right? At least the columbines aren’t dead yet. And if they do die, that’s okay, maybe they aren’t meant to be container plants.

This afternoon I met my friend, Brittany, at Alternation Brewing Company to have some tasty vegan food for lunch. Alternation hired this food truck from California to come out and serve up its delicious “chicken” sandwiches. It made my day when Brittany texted me asking if I wanted to go with her. Heck yes I want to go with her! So we got our sandwiches and drove over to a nearby park where we chowed down and visited for a couple of hours. The “chicken” sandwich was really good, it was what I would consider a better version of Native Food’s “chicken” sandwich. At the end of our visit, Brittany surprised me with TWO boxes of Moringstar corndogs. How lucky am I to have a friend like that? One who looked every time she went to the store and who bought me two boxes as soon as she found them? I feel so loved. I am so loved! I am constantly amazed at how wonderful my life is, surrounded by these really cool, brilliant, beautiful people who care about me.

Now I’m at home chilling because it was hot out there and my body is exhausted. I only have the energy to sit. What a really nice weekend I had (pretty much as always). Side note: I also got my glasses adjusted today (thanks to my friend Shari helping me find a location) and now my glasses don’t slip down my nose anymore. I’m extremely thrilled. Isn’t life grand?

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