7-22-20 Friends & food (what else?)

After work on Monday, Elisabeth and I met up with Kayla for a picnic dinner. We went to the lovely Ketring Park again and lounged on the grass, eating our garbanzo bean sandwiches and animal crackers, and talking about Kayla’s moving logistics, work, and baklava (turns out I can shift any conversation to the topic of baklava). While it started out incredibly hot, as Colorado afternoons are wont to do recently, it ended in a very pleasant evening, but it was really the company of Kayla that made it perfect. Our time in her physical presence is so quickly coming to an end. I realized that this is what life is. It’s a lot of sad stuff right in the middle of a lot of happy stuff. I’ve probably already said that before but it bears saying again. The sad stuff is never going to end. I should try to embrace it. I cried as Elisabeth and I walked to my car because I knew how much I’m going to miss Kayla. But in the same moment my giant tears plopped on the ground I said to Elisabeth, in a very quavering voice, something along the lines of “I’m glad I’m crying because it means I really love her. She’s been a really good part of my life.” And it’s true.

Yesterday I made pho for the first time ever. Is it authentic? Probably not. Let me correct that – definitely not. But is it good? Yes, it most definitely is. It wasn’t too hard to make either. This is a recipe I found on reddit. I will be making it again. It was the first time I had ever cooked bok choy. I don’t know if I did it correctly but it was edible so I think I did ok. Next time I’ll cut it into more manageable bite size pieces. Same with the tofu. It does make a lovely picture, though.

I went to Kaitlin’s house for dinner tonight. Hadn’t seen them in over two weeks so it was just wonderful. I had a lovely time and will blog about that tomorrow as I am just too tired to write much more tonight. Besides, that family deserves a whole post to themselves!

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