My cousin, Amanda, and her family have moved to Colorado! They got in this past week and yesterday we met up at the park for breakfast. Kaitlin and Kevin even came over with Emmy and Ollie. I was thrilled. I enjoyed myself quite a bit and didn’t go back home until the afternoon. We sat on the grass and caught up with one another and just laughed. Amanda’s three boys ran around the park, climbing trees, chasing squirrels, and building a fort. They were very active. I’ll be going over to my parents’ home in a bit to meet up with Amanda and her family again to celebrate her middle child’s birthday. It should be another enjoyable evening I suspect.

Needless to say I was quite tired by the time I got back home yesterday because being outside for five straight hours can do that to you. But I regained enough energy in the evening to bake a spice cake for me and Elisabeth since it was so amazingly cool outside. It meant that we could turn on the oven and not immediately melt. I, yet again, didn’t have all of the ingredients that the recipe called for but I figured I had the most important ones and so I pushed ahead. The cake turned out great and Elisabeth had even convinced me to bake it in her bundt cake so now we not only have a tasty cake, we have a fancy cake. But not quite fancy enough that it was picture worthy…/shrug.

This morning we met up with our friend, Kayla, for a breakfast picnic. We went to a new park this time, thanks to Elisabeth’s research skills, and I’m happy to report we’ve found yet another park we really like. It’s great to have a list of parks I like going to, especially since I foresee social distancing being a thing until at least next summer. And now I’m going to read some more of The Night Circus, a book I started last week and am very enthralled with. 🙂

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