7-29-20 Family time

This evening I went to Kaitlin’s for dinner. I didn’t get to see them nearly enough last Saturday so I had to go over, I just had to. I laugh so much when I’m around my family. There’s always something funny or interesting going on, or both at the same time. Emmy was a fantastic model for me when I asked her to be in my picture of Ollie’s bed. Look how giant that cabin frame is! I still love it the second time I got to see it. After we took those pictures I lied down with Emmy in her bed for five minutes. She likes to lie down after a bath and I was the lucky person this time to get to spend that quiet time with her. I just looked at her face and tried to soak her in as she was in that moment. To just be present next to her. She is this incredible little human being and it’s a privilege that I can lie next to her and just stare. I want to take pictures while I’m over there because I want to capture moments of joy and happiness but I also want to experience those moments so it’s a hard choice to make sometimes if I take a picture or not. It’s a balance. I chose to not take a picture.

We all ate dinner outside and by the end of it, Emmy had decided she was hot so she took off all her clothes but her panties and boots. For the rest of the evening she ran around practically naked and it was wonderful, the fact that she felt that comfortable and free. She was so content.

My mom set up an obstacle course for the grandkids and while Emmy gave it a go, Ollie was content eating dirt from the wheelbarrow. That one is something else (BUT, he knows my name is Noonie now! I’m so incredibly pleased). Emmy ran the course twice and got done under 1 minute. Then, Kevin convinced Kaitlin to run the course where I laughed so hard as I watched her crawl through the tunnel portion. Kevin followed suit and then I had to try too. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to run, hop, crawl, and overall have a grand ole time? Well let me tell you, this person right here? This person got the fastest score of 20 seconds! I was very proud of myself, although I came out with a slightly scraped knee (very slight). But it was worth it! I enjoyed myself so immensely in those 20 seconds. Maybe I need to set up some of my own obstacle courses. It did make me realize that I really do need to get back into jogging though. My cardio health is not where I think it should be. 😦

I wish I could capture all the wonderful little moments that I experience and see every time I’m over at Kaitlin’s. Those moments that make me smile, chuckle, or outright laugh. The moments that fill my heart with such love that I almost start crying from happiness. Or I do start crying. I wish I could capture Ollie’s smiles, Emmy’s dances, the way Ollie says “Paw-Paw”, the way Emmy talks and uses words. But all I can do is be in the moment and appreciate what I am in the middle of – love and joy. And I can be part of that love and joy. And maybe snap a couple of pictures along the way. Emmy had some strawberry juice dripping down her chin and she was in this crouching position that made me think she’d make a really good possessed kid in a horror film. I told her to stay exactly where she was as I grabbed my phone and snapped the picture. That one was worth taking!

Before I say goodnight to everyone, I want to wish Lydia a happy birthday. Lydia, you will forever be my second mom. You can never get rid of me and I will love you always. ❤

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