8-12-20 Family dinner

Had dinner at Kaitlin’s tonight and, as expected, it was full of laughter and fun. I made risotto for tonight’s dish and everyone was such a sport and tried it. They all said they liked it too. I’m going to take them at their words. I wish I could have made it for them fresh, but it would have taken too long. Some other time perhaps. I’m now trying to convince Kaitlin to let me make an Indian dish for another dinner, so we’ll see if I can get her to agree.

Emmy has been growing her own strawberry plant and she picked the one red strawberry that was on it tonight. I’m so proud of her. She’s been keeping this plant alive for months now, mostly on her own, and strawberries have legitimately grown on it. The picture above is her holding the delicate little thing. I’m not sure she actually liked the taste of it but I think she ate it nonetheless.

After dinner, Emmy took me up to her room to show me her new weighted blanket and her new pillow case. Now, Kaitlin had told me before I went up, that the weighted blanket only weighed 3 pounds because you’re supposed to do 10% of your body weight and that little girl doesn’t even weigh 30 pounds. So I knew it wasn’t going to weigh much, but I guess I overestimated how much 3 pounds weighs because when Emmy showed me her blanket and I grabbed it, I literally could not tell it was weighted. It just felt like a regular blanket to me. But even if I can’t tell, she can, and it’s been really good for her so that makes me happy. Also, her new pillow case was white, so I didn’t really get what the deal with that was, but I still told her it was really neat.

We sat on her bed and played with her stuffed animals for a few minutes after she showed me her new stuff. I was a bunny and she was all the other toys on her bed and she kept showing me how high they could each hop. My bunny and her bunny then chatted about what colored flower petals they liked to eat. I liked yellow and purple and she liked green and red. At one point my bunny asked all of her toys if she could lie down next to them and they agreed. So I set my bunny down and then Emmy put her head on my lap and lied down next to me and it was so very sweet. She melts my heart every time I see her. I read her a few stories and then we headed back downstairs to do some swinging and sliding.

It’s such a joy to just watch them play and experience the world. And to hear their laughter and their noises. Ollie is saying his words more clearly now and he’s just this expressive little kid that makes me smile all the time. While I was heating up dinner, he came over to me, extremely excited, and tried to tell me something. I had no clue what he was saying so I kept saying, “What?! No way!” and he kept repeating the same sounds as if repeating it would help me understand. It definitely didn’t, but he wasn’t bothered, he just smiled and kept going. Then, later in the evening, Kaitlin told him to come show me the shirt he was wearing and he ran up to me and said, “NOONIE!” and then just stood there so I could look at his shirt. He was adorable. Kaitlin told me that every time they go outside he’ll say, “Noonie? Noonie?” and look for me. I told him I’d do the same thing for him every time I go outside. He ignored me…

Kaitlin made a delicious dessert that I did eat and then she showed us her downstairs cookie creation area she’s setting up. She got some new cookie cutters recently and boy am I excited to get to see the designs that she makes with them. I’m most excited about an orange cookie cutter she has but she also has the continental U.S., some banners, and these Christmas cookie cutters that make this really beautiful wreath platter thing when put together (Kaitlin says this way better so ask her about it!).

Right before I left, Kaitlin blew some bubbles with this special kind of formula that allows you to catch the bubbles. We all had a blast catching them (a few even got in my hair) but by far my favorite part was when I realized which finger Emily had captured a bubble on. I was laughing so hard when trying to take a picture that they all came out blurry but I think it’s clear enough you can get the gist.

So it was a lovely evening and now I end it with Pippin on my lap. What could be better?

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