Sunday morning I met my friend, Robyn, and we went for a walk along the High Line Canal Trail and Fairmount Cemetery. I enjoyed catching up with her and hearing about her car selling and buying adventures. I can only hope I don’t have as many adventures as hers when I’m finally ready to get a new car (I’m hoping at least three more years!). The smoke from the fires was really bad that day so I said goodbye to her after a couple of hours because I felt like I should be indoors. There was ash on my car when I stepped outside that morning. It’s better now, but who knows how long that will last. As Elisabeth and I say to each other now, “shit be weird.” There was one point where we were looking at the sky and the sun was this bright orange ball because of the smoke and we were joking about how Sauron had come. Elisabeth, very dejectedly, said something like, “It’s your turn, Sauron. Welcome,” and it was both very hilarious and also very sad because she clearly didn’t care if Sauron came and destroyed our world. She is just that done with 2020 that Sauron didn’t phase her.

For dinner, Elisabeth and I made spaghetti squash spinach nests. Sunday was the first time we could eat together at the dining room table in five months so this was a big deal and I wanted to make it fancy. And by “fancy”, I mean I put out black napkins and clear glasses leftover from Brittany’s party and I lit one candle (don’t tell my apartment complex). I turned on the dinosaur lamp I got from Kevin and voila, a fancy dinner was served. I was very proud and we toasted with our waters to having a table to eat at once again.

Today, Shari surprised me with my very own Squirrel Girl Pop figure. She sent it to me in the mail as a gift and I felt so ecstatic. I’ve never had one before. I’ve never found one that was perfect for me. And now I have it. I have the perfect one. I don’t think anything could beat Squirrel Girl. I’m staring at her now and her adorable little face that says, “I’m cute but I’ll also take you down.” And Tippy, her squirrel best friend, also came along and oh my goodness they’re precious. They make me smile.

And now I’m off to make dinner and then chat with my meetup friends. It’s been a good day. 🙂

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