9-8-20 Long weekend

This weekend was quite lovely.

First, you should know that Elisabeth, Shari, and I signed up to take part in a city-wide scavenger hunt put on by The History Colorado Center called The Lost Book of Astrid Lee. It’s kind of weird, definitely a bit complicated, but overall fun. We get clues that we have to solve which lead us somewhere in Denver. We go to that location, get another clue that leads us somewhere else, go to that location, and so on. I think it’s supposed to last for a month.

We had to go to our first location by last Friday, so Shari and I took a long lunch, met up, and went to SAME Cafe, the place Shari thought was the answer to the first riddle. (Shari is the one person allowed in my and Elisabeth’s bubble currently.) And Shari had it right! So we got our second riddle only to discover that we had to solve this one by Monday. Thank goodness Shari came over for dinner that night to play some games so we had a bit of time to work on the next riddle.

Saturday morning I chatted with my parents since I’m not seeing them anymore. Because Emmy is now going to preschool, I’m not doing weekly family dinners (hence partly why I haven’t been posting as much, I no longer have Emmy and Ollie pictures to share!). So we visited for a bit on the phone and it was good to hear their voices and talk with them. Then, Shari and I went downtown to Mutiny Cafe in hopes we had the right answer for the scavenger hunt (Elisabeth was working so she couldn’t join us). We were right again! We stopped by Sweet Action Ice Cream because holy hell it was so hot and we got the clue correct so clearly we deserved some ice cream. I got a really tasty but definitely sweet lemon sorbet. We went to Cheeseman Park after that and chilled under the shade of a tree for a bit hanging out and listening to music. It was quite pleasant.

On Sunday, I met up with Brittany for brunch at So RADish, a vegan restaurant in Arvada. I had never been, but with Brittany’s recommendation (she has yet to go wrong on recommending good vegan food) and a decent looking menu, I was all for it. I have to say, they have the best vegan “chicken” biscuit sandwich I have had (theirs is also the only sandwich I’ve had but I can’t imagine one better). Brittany brought her boyfriend so I could meet him and it was an enjoyable time, albeit a bit hot. But it’s always good to see Brittany, regardless of the weather. I video chatted with Kayla after that and got to catch up with her a bit since she’s no longer in Denver. 😦 At least she’s settling into her new home in Oregon and loving time with her niece. We’ll be having more one on one virtual chats to stay in touch.

After that, Elisabeth and I drove downtown to the court house because, surprise, we had to solve the third riddle for the scavenger hunt by 5pm that day. That was a shocker. This time, Shari was out of town so she didn’t get to come with us. We walked up to the court house to find a man playing with a yo-yo. He gave us each one, said his schpeel for the hunt, and then taught us how to yo-yo. That’s right, I’m now the owner of my own yo-yo and for the first time in my adult life I can kind of sort of yo-yo. I’ll have to get Elisabeth to record me and put it up here to prove it. I’m really proud.

Yesterday I slept in, and then tried to take Elisabeth to O’Toole’s to purchase a plant for her but alas, they were out of all the snake plants I wanted to get her so we’ll have to get her one another time. Once back home, I took care of all my plants, as well as repotting some plants that I got recently (Shari got me a mini rose plant!), and I washed the rocks in the rock trays I have. I can happily say my plant shelf looks like the bomb right now. An awesome bomb! Elisabeth and I then played Trogdor!! The Board Game – a game I had kickstarted long ago. It was hard, we lost both times we tried to play, but I still had a lot of fun and look forward to playing with her again.

So, this weekend was full and lovely. Hope the same is true for all of you.

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