9-27-20 Catch up time

Elisabeth surprised me with flowers on Wednesday! She went off to Costco since it was her day off from work and came home with a bouquet of flowers just for me (and a whole bag of walnuts plus some other stuff, I mean, it’s Costco, can’t just get one thing there). How lovely is that? Do I have the best roommate ever? Quite possibly. It was such a wonderful gesture and she made me smile so much. She then even went the extra mile and took care of trimming the flowers and putting them in a variety of vases AND placing them throughout the apartment. There’s even a vase of flowers in my bathroom, I love it.

Wednesday was also an all staff meeting for my work – it was the first one we had virtually and I enjoyed it quite a bit, mostly because there was a guest speaker who talked to us about creativity. I took a lot of notes and will do my best to start asking “why” and “what if” more often as well as spend some time on hobbies I’m interested in (I haven’t cross stitched in quite a while…). My company treated every employee to lunch by giving us an Uber Eats voucher. I was really into that and got myself a burger from Meta Burger. It was so nice that I didn’t have to drive over there because normally I would refuse to pay the delivery fees and I would go myself and it was even nicer that I got the food in the middle of the week for lunch. I might have to treat myself to that kind of thing every month or so.

Thursday I got to video chat with Brittany, which was lovely. Sometimes I forget that I can have these one on one video chats and how pleasant they are. We caught up with one another and she told me what she’s dressing up as for Halloween. I am sworn to secrecy, however, and so you’ll just have check in with her on Halloween to see what she’s up to. She made a homemade vegan cheesecake on Friday that I am looking forward to hearing all about. I’ve never been a cheesecake fan, but I would try a bite of a vegan one, at least once.

Friday evening, Shari came over to hang out with me and Elisabeth. We made Indonesian noodle soup and I scurried on over to Shahrazad Bakery for some baklava to round out the evening. Dinner was delicious and afterward we played our Trogdor game. This time, with Shari’s help, we actually won the game! Maybe it’s better with three people, or maybe Elisabeth and I finally got the mechanics of the game down, regardless of the secret to our success, I’m glad that we won. It was pretty fun getting to chomp peasants and burninate cottages. We ended the evening by watching some of my favorite youtube videos.

Saturday morning, Shari and I went to Voodoo Donuts to get breakfast and then we took a walk at Fairmount Cemetery. Ever since her, Elisabeth, and our friend, Stephanie, had a picnic dinner over there, I had wanted to go back and walk around. It hadn’t gotten too hot out at that time, so it was a pleasant morning of eating a vegan maple donut and looking at grave markers from way back in the late 1800s. This cemetery really is huge and is a great place to walk, in my opinion. There’s plenty of parking, there’s not that many people, and you can enjoy yourself as you contemplate death and look for interesting names and gravestones. It also reminds me that I should consider creating a will, never hurts to have one I suppose.

Today I slept in and then had oatmeal and a smoothie for breakfast as I watched a Legend of Korra episode with Elisabeth. It was our version of Saturday Morning Cartoons, but on a Sunday. It was perfect. I ran some errands and relaxed a bit, which was good. Later this evening, Elisabeth and I will meet up with Shari to go on the next part of our scavenger hunt. I think we’re really close to the end of this hunt and I have no idea what that means, to be honest. The whole thing has been quite fun, if a little frustrating in the beginning, and I’m kind of sad knowing it’s almost over. I’ll just have to find something else exciting to do. I have faith in myself. 😀

This upcoming week will be one of video chats with friends and I’m quite looking forward to it!

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