9-28-20 Scavenger Hunt Continues

Yesterday evening, Elisabeth and I met up with Shari to go on the hunt for our next location within the Astrid Lee scavenger hunt. We made our way downtown to watch the art light show that happens at the D&F Tower, the clocktower off of 16th street. We saw a variety of neat graphics by different local artists projected onto the side of the tower. In between the art pieces were clues for our hunt. We got to converse with a few other hunters as we waited and watched and that was a lot of fun. I really wish we were in post-covid times where all the hunters could get together and discuss how the adventure went for them and what they thought. I would love to have a more lengthy conversation with the many people we’ve encountered, they’ve all been awesome. Perhaps for Season 2 (we’ve heard the museum is going to do another one of these some time!).

Once we were fairly certain we had gotten all the clues we needed, we hopped back in the car and instead of heading home, we headed towards the street we knew the clue was leading us to, I figured why not, we’re already downtown, might as well stay down there a bit longer. Along the way, Elisabeth and Shari deduced the exact location we needed to go and off we went. I so enjoyed myself. We’re not quite sure what to do at this point, the information is a bit fuzzy, so I emailed the hunt designers this evening asking for help and we’ll see where that leads us. This hunt has been quite fun, although a bit frustrating to be honest, and it’s given me something to look forward to each week.

This evening, Elisabeth and I made vegan meatball sandwiches, using the new air fryer that Elisabeth’s coworker gave us last week. Initially, I wasn’t sure we would use an air fryer and I was hesitant to have Elisabeth bring it home. But we figured we might as well give it a try and I have to say, it’s been a huge hit. We’ve made tater tots, grilled cheese, cookies, and now meatball subs in this thing. It’s brilliant. These are also possibly the best meatball sandwiches Elisabeth and I have ever had, and they’re vegan. Thank you Trader Joe’s meatless meatballs! I still haven’t figured out how to actually bake vegan cookie successfully in the air fryer so if anyone has ideas, let me know. Elisabeth got this tasty vegan cookie dough from Costco and I’ve tried twice now to bake some. The first time they burned on the edges and the second time I didn’t fully cook them because I was too scared they’d burn. Guess I’m gonna have to keep trying! Oh darn. 😉

7 thoughts on “9-28-20 Scavenger Hunt Continues

  1. Hi. I am also perplexed by the next clue from the lightower show. 1060 19 Osage St.??? Can you share what HC had to say? Many thanks!

    1. Try adding the two numbers together to guide you to the next location off of Osage St. Let me know if you still don’t get it after that and I’ll help you out more!

      1. Appreciate the help. So, I studied the area on the map. Do I need to go into a place? Or follow another art trail? Is this the last stop?

  2. You need to go to a specific place but you don’t have to go into the building/space, there is QR code on the outside of the building that will give you the final clue to the final location. My team hasn’t gone to the last location yet so I can’t confirm if it’s right or not, we’re going tomorrow!

      1. Thank you Lauren! I went earlier today and found it. It was a fun mystery quest! I hope History Colorado does another one.

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