After taking a walk during my lunch break I picked up a package and checked the mail because I realized neither Elisabeth nor I had gotten the mail in at least a week. I forget about the mail all the time. But I’m glad I didn’t forget today because what was waiting for me? A microwave popcorn packet and a movie voucher that my work had secretly mailed out. What a pleasant surprise. And while the popcorn does contain milk so I’ll be passing that along to someone else, I do appreciate the thought and it made me smile. The movie is for a Redbox rental so I’ll have to find out if there’s one near me. They used to be at 7 Eleven’s, right? There’s a 7 Eleven across the street from me so maybe I’ll luck out. I wonder what movie I’ll get…

You know what else went well for me today? I almost successfully baked chocolate chip cookies in the air fryer! I turned down the heat this time, turns out that was the trick, and it helped considerably. I still overcooked them a bit so I’ll need to give it at least one more go. 😉

I video chatted with Kaitlin and Edward last night and that was a lot of fun. You know, I think even once we’re post-covid, I’m gonna continue these video chats that I’ve set up for myself. I used to do it pretty regularly with Katie (and I’ll get to chat with her this Thursday!) but I never did it with anyone else for some reason. Tonight I have my comic meetup chat and I always enjoy those as well. So far, my week is turning out to be a really good week.

P.S. I had to include the picture of Pippin in this post because I thought it hilarious (but not surprising) that he placed himself in Elisabeth’s plastic bag instead of the nice, warm, comfy heating pad that I have for him. Cats, what can I say.

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