On Wednesday, I went over to Shari’s place to make dinner. She had found a vegan alfredo sauce recipe she wanted to try and you know I was game for it since the one “afredo” recipe Elisabeth and I had made was not worth making again (it was a hummus base and just came out slightly too sour and way too thick). The recipe that Shari found was comprised mainly of cashews, cauliflower, and vegetable broth and it turned out really great. Although it wasn’t quite alfredo, I didn’t expect it to be. As I told Shari, any homemade vegan alfredo sauce isn’t going to be alfredo. With that said, it was close and delicious. I would make it again with some spinach and bell pepper thrown in.

Thursday and Friday evenings were self-care days for me. On Thursday, Elisabeth and I watched the new Netflix movie, Enola Holmes. I quite enjoyed it, it was overall really light hearted and cute. The outfits were great and I loved seeing Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things in it. That young lady is quite talented. Plus, I appreciated the “girls can do anything” message of the movie. And yesterday, we watched 12 Monkeys, a sci fi movie that I had not seen before but knew was one of the classics. I’m not sure I understood the entire story. I just kept saying “this movie is weird” and “what’s going on??”. I had to google the ending afterward to try to get a satisfactory answer to my “What just happened?” question. Thankfully, some random blogger out in the world had an explanation that I found acceptable and so I’m going with it. And yet, I still had another question as I was falling asleep last night. Elisabeth just keeps laughing at me as I continue to discuss the movie with her. She’s over it already but I won’t let it go. I didn’t realize it was going to affect me as much as it did. I felt vey much like I was a college student in a film class while watching this movie. Trying to parse out the themes, the movement, the color, the lies versus the truth. It was kind of fun.

Today I met up with my coworker, Jacqueline, for breakfast at Stanley Marketplace. I got a bagel with tofu cream cheese from Rosenberg’s. I have to say, the cream cheese tasted so legit that I half wonder if they gave me real cream cheese. I’m not gonna worry too much about that though ’cause I already ate it. But I told Elisabeth that she and I will need to go back so I can ask for tofu cream cheese again and make sure it really is as good as I hope. If it is, then I know where I’m buying my cream cheese from here on out and bagels are back on my menu!

I ran some errands after breakfast and the rest of the day was comprised of doing chores around the house. It was a lovely afternoon here so I was happy that one of my chores was putting up chicken wire on the balcony. Now, Elisabeth and I are about to make some homemade pho and relax the rest of the evening. It’s been a good Saturday.

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