10-5-20 Astrid Lee – found?

Yesterday, Elisabeth, Shari, and I completed The Lost Book of Astrid Lee scavenger hunt.

Well, okay, technically, we completed it last week, but we didn’t know that because the end was lackluster and not clear. I appreciate all the time and effort that went into creating this event and I enjoyed it and really loved visiting different places within the city. I also think it could have been better organized and I hope that season 2 proves to be better put together. I’m kind of thinking of creating my own scavenger hunt at this point, give out clues once a week to those friends of mine who choose to participate, with each clue leading to one of the many places I like around Denver. My hunt, of course, would require no one to actually go to any of these places, I’d just email out the clues and encourage people to visit these places when they could. We’ll see if I get around to this but it does sound like fun.

So anyways, Elisabeth, Shari, and I went to the History Colorado Center yesterday because I was convinced that was the final location of the hunt. I had misinterpreted the creator’s email response to me when I had asked if there was one more location to go. Thankfully, the museum is not charging admission on the weekends this month, so we didn’t have to pay to get in or that would have been even more disappointing. We wandered around a couple of exhibits that I thought for sure would have some secret message of, “Congrats, you found the lost book of Astrid Lee!” but we found nothing. We asked two of the museum’s employees for help. One of them told us that there definitely wasn’t anything in the museum and that’s when it kind of hit me that maybe we had finished it already. There hadn’t actually been another clue. But I wasn’t quite ready to give up so I made Shari and Elisabeth rewatch the last video we got one more time and told them I really needed to go visit the yellow Articulated Wall sculpture that kept reappearing in the video. We didn’t really have hope at that point that there was going to be anything there, but because we were close to the sculpture and it was right by the highway, which we needed to catch to go home, I still thought it was worth a visit.

So off we went to go visit that big yellow lego block-like sculpture I had passed so many times on the highway and had always wondered about. If this scavenger hunt has done anything for me, it’s allowed me to visit places in Denver I probably wouldn’t have gone to and it’s allowed me to learn a tiny bit about some of Denver’s history that I didn’t know previously. Like I said, it has been enjoyable. We walked around the sculpture and there was nothing so at that point I officially gave up and called it over. I made Elisabeth and Shari take some selfies with me though as a final homage to the scavenger hunt.

So the hunt for Astrid Lee kind of ended how it began – with a bit of confusion, a decent amount of happiness, and two people I quite like. I’d say, in the end, it was time well spent.

2 thoughts on “10-5-20 Astrid Lee – found?

  1. I just love your posts! This one totally reflects your positive, adventurous spirit. What a fun person you are. What a great writer (the last sentence of this post is a great example of your way with words). Truly I am so proud that you are my daughter.

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