The colder weather may finally be here. I know I said I was ready for it last month, but I’m maybe not quite as ready as I thought I was. With the colder weather comes a colder apartment, which means my fingers are cold and I don’t love cold fingers. I have a rice sock that I microwave throughout the day and that helps. I’m thinking about buying some hand warmers too. Perhaps the real solution is to do some exercises anytime my fingers start to freeze up. That, or actually turn up the heat, but who wants to pay a high electric bill? Not this girl.

With that said, colder weather also means Pippin cuddles. He sits on my lap way more often in the cooler months. The picture above is him on my lap from Friday morning. He was lying on top of the electric blanket and underneath the nice soft blanket Kaitlin gave me. He was so amazingly content, I wished I was him for a second.

On Thursday I got to video chat with my cousin, Colleen, who is currently at college in Florida. We hadn’t chatted in a few months and it was high time. She recently became a tour guide for her school and was telling me about that whole process. She mentioned wearing some cool socks and how one girl asked to be friends on Instagram. I chuckle about it now. Instagram wasn’t a thing when I was in school. Facebook had just become a thing, heck, texting was still relatively new. Next September it will have been ten years since I graduated. Wow. Not only does that fact surprise me, it also saddens me a little. I’d really like to get to a point where the rushing passage of time doesn’t bring me to fear or sadness. I would much rather feel content and excited about my present and exhilarated and excited about my future. But in this moment I just fear that my life will rush on and then it will all end and there will still be things I want to do and see. That thinking ruins the present, however, so I shall do my best to stop it. Yes, the human body is frail compared to our universe, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the time I have. I’ll be dead longer than I’ll be alive so why waste time worrying about death. Instead, I will enjoy listening to Colleen’s college experience and I will find new ways to enjoy my world.

Yesterday I got to chat with my parents, which was also nice. Since I’m not seeing them in person right now it’s important that we catch up with one another every so often. I might get to see my dad this upcoming Thursday though since he’ll be in town for a doctor’s appointment (can you believe it’s been two years since the liver transplant?? – see my previous paragraph about time rushing past). It will be really great to get to see him.

Today I had lunch with one of my coworkers and then I hung out with Shari. We made a chocolate pumpkin bread that she’ll bring to our meetup tomorrow. There was a bit of batter leftover, so she made some muffins and let me take home some of them. I’ve already eaten one and it’s quite tasty. I really appreciate that she’s willing to find vegan recipes, because it means I can eat all the things! Today was a good day and I imagine tomorrow will be as well.

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