10-19-20 Meetups & dinosaurs

Yesterday started off with Shari coming over to make breakfast with me and Elisabeth. Elisabeth, if you didn’t know, makes her own homemade chai. It’s pretty awesome, not only the fact that she makes her own, but she makes it well and it tastes good. I’ve actually had a couple of sips. She told Shari she’d make her some one day and so breakfast was scheduled. We made a tofu “egg” scramble with tater tots and vegetables and we baked the last roll of Trader Joe’s pumpkin cinnamon rolls. I’m very pleased with how the tofu scramble turned out. Personally, I probably would have put less vegetables in (even though I am the sole person who put vegetables in so there’s really no one to blame) but I know vegetables are good for me so…I guess it was a good choice.

After breakfast we headed off to Cheesman Park for our October comic book meetup. We read Basketful of Heads, a comic about…well, a young lady’s experience with some bad people over a span of a night. I really don’t want to say much more ’cause I quite enjoyed it and think everyone who’s willing to, should read it. There was a lot of good discussion about the comic and we all pushed through the very cold temperature. Elisabeth, Shari, and I had made butternut squash soup to share with everyone, so that helped keep a few people warm. Shari also brought chocolate pumpkin bread and Brittany brought brownies so in the end we had a mini feast.

But perhaps what really made my day yesterday was that Stephanie showed up in her blow up t-rex outfit. The two of us had discovered last week that we both have one, and we agreed to wear them on Sunday so we could give each other a hug. So when she came walking over to our area in her t-rex, I was ecstatic. Everyone else loved it too. After we finished talking about the comic, I got into my t-rex costume and she got into hers and we proceeded to have a jolly time running around, hugging one another, and fighting. All the ladies were laughing and snapping pictures and it was really the perfect way to end the meetup. With Denver becoming more strict about how many people can meet at one time, I’m not sure when I’m going to see all of them at the same time again in person so yesterday was really important to me, even if I was cold. Thankfully, we still have video chats and I can see people one on one so that keeps me going. I have such a wonderful group of friends, I love them all.

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