10-20-20 Walks

I wandered a pretty neighborhood yesterday with my friend, Meseret, since she’s sticking around Denver for a while. We walked in the cool evening as the sun set and lit up the clouds in a most spectacular way. I imagine that a good part of yesterday’s beautiful sunset was due to the persistent fires across the state, and although their continuing spread is depressing, I do appreciate the occasional gorgeous sky. As I was driving home yesterday, I was stopped at a light and I had to roll down my window and poke my head out to make sure I was seeing the sky correctly. It was this striking blue that I realize now I can’t describe at all. It wasn’t a normal bright blue sky, it was more of a light blue, but not really light, turquoise maybe? Honestly, I literally just said i couldn’t describe it and then I proceed to try to describe it. Why? I’m going to stop now. Suffice it to say, I was mesmerized for the 30 seconds I had at the red light and I soaked in that color to the best of my ability.

Today I received my new white “every day” tennis shoes. I’ve been wanting a pair for a while so when my current every day shoes got holes in them, I figured now was a reasonable time to get some new ones. My friend, Edward, gave me advice on what kind of Vans I should get. He’s a Vans collector and I liked the style of the shoe but I wanted to make sure I’d be comfortable walking around town with a pair before I bought any. I don’t like buying shoes online, I much prefer trying them on in a store first, so covid has definitely cramped my style in that regard. Although, I also don’t go out as often because of covid so I don’t really need as many new shoes as I sometimes think I do. The picture above is me showing off my new shoes during lunch. It was fairly pleasant outside but I look out now and smoke has covered the mountains and most of the sky. Oh boy am I ready for the bad parts of 2020 to be over.

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