10-21-20 Meetup chat

10-22-20: I thought I had posted this yesterday but turns out I didn’t so posting this now.

Yesterdays meetup chat was quite enjoyable. There was a time when I was considering making the chat an every other week event rather than every week, but then I realized how much I enjoy hanging out with my friends, even if it’s virtual, that I just couldn’t do it. No regrets. Yesterday we talked about an assortment of topics, which is the usual, but it seemed we spanned a wide range of odd ones this go around. We went from Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter to a tarot card presentation from Elisabeth to career growth to what kind of businesses we’d like to run if money wasn’t an issue. Let me tell you, my friends have some really great business ideas and I hope that some of them implement their dreams because I would go to their stores and I would utilize their services. I think the funnest idea of the evening was Mabel’s, where she would have a place to bring your pet so you could dress him up in costumes and there would be a section to take pictures. You could buy costumes too if you’re pet was into that kind of thing. I was really into the idea of taking loads of pictures of Pippin in front of a green screen and turning those pictures into Pippin walking away from an explosion. Pippin standing on Pride Rock from Lion King. Pippin walking up to Mount Doom with Gandalf. Yes, please, give me all of those things! Would Pippin enjoy it? Probably not, but I make sacrifices for him, he could do the same for me for an hour. 😉 It was fun to dream, at least and if Mabel ever ends up starting that business, I’ll be first in line.

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