My week was thrown off course on Thursday when I got the news that Colt, my parents’ dog, had died after a large dog bit him and tore open his chest.

That was not news I was expecting to get Thursday afternoon and it really shook me and shocked me. I ended up taking the rest of the afternoon off work because I was so overwhelmed with sadness that I knew I wouldn’t be able to get anything done. Shari, who is extremely kind and caring, came over to be with me so I wouldn’t be alone. She comforted me as I cried and helped me get to a slightly better mental state so that I was able to enjoy dinner and Glow at the Gardens later that evening. I am so grateful she did that for me.

Once Elisabeth got home, we ordered Thai food from our favorite place – Bua Thai – and then met up with her friend, Mel, who had made squirrel ears for me for my Squirrel Girl costume I’m working on. Mel makes really cool horns and is pretty crafty overall so if you want something made, I highly suggest commisioning her. I can connect you!

After grabbing the ears, Elisabeth, Shari, and I had dinner and then went to the Botanic Gardens. Their Halloween event was smaller this year because of covid but I still liked it and it was a nice distraction from grieving Colt. I so appreciate both Elisabeth and Shari for helping me be in the moment, I was able to enjoy myself even amongst sadness. There were some funny skeletons having a pool party in one of the water features. They were chilling in glow in the dark inner tubes and rafts and I laughed when I saw them. We passed by some zombies and a couple of witches encouraging us to bring them lost children and we paused a moment to take in the scary trees that were shining brightly in the night.

Before I move on with describing my weekend, I do want to mention that Brittany and I ate dinner at Watercourse on Wednesday. We sat outside in the relatively warm weather (at least while the sun was still out) and talked about our lives and how much we enjoy our meetup group. I had such a pleasant evening with her and it’s nice being able to think about the positive parts of my week.

On Friday, I went over to Shari’s to eat leftover Thai food and watch the new The Witches movie. I don’t remember seeing the original one, although it’s definitely possible I did, so while I knew the basics of the story, I didn’t know the details. I liked the majority of the movie but was not satisfied with the ending. I’m not sure how much it followed the book but thus far Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are still my favorite Roald Dahl movies and stories. To be clear, I also like the Willy Wonka movie and am not sure I could choose between the two versions. Honestly, I think I just want there to be a giant candy room like in the story so…someone make that, please?

Yesterday I visited my family so I could provide a tiny bit of comfort to my parents for losing Colt. I know that they will feel sad for a while. They lost someone unexpectedly who was very dear to their hearts. They will no longer go to bed with him, wake up with him, feed him, or play with him. That sudden loss is jarring and world shattering. I experienced something very similar when I separated from my ex. And it makes me feel so sad that they are having to experience those same feelings now. Healing will take time and it will take love and support from others. I think Emmy and Ollie will be great helpers in that healing process. I got to see them and Kaitlin and Kevin yesterday (I decided taking the risk of seeing them all was worth it) and it was so great to see everyone in person. I look forward to the day when a covid vaccine is readily available so I can see my family all the time. I know it will happen.

So here I am, Sunday early afternoon. I feel okay, good even. My sadness over Colt is different than my parents’, and I am able to heal and move forward more quickly than them for sure. I made biscotti this morning as well as tofu egg salad for future lunches. I finally voted and will turn in my ballot later this week. If you haven’t voted yet, I encourage you now, go vote! It’s really important. Now I will do my best to relax the rest of the day and perhaps get some cross stitching or painting in. I hope everyone’s Sunday is turning out as pleasantly as mine is.

2 thoughts on “10-25-20

  1. Please tell Shari thank you (for me) for being there for you. It has been tough going. So glad such a compassionate, caring person was there to comfort you. (And then you came to comfort me!)

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