Wow, it’s been a month since I wrote anything.

I haven’t been feeling it. I don’t know why. Covid probably has a good deal to do with my lack of desire to write. Everything is shutting down again and even if it wasn’t, we’ve had some really cold days that would have prevented me from seeing my friends anyway. Not getting as much sun and not going outside as often affects my mood. But with all that said, I have had some good moments since the last time I wrote.

My friend, Mel, had lunch with me a week before my birthday to celebrate me turning another year older. She got me a lovely smelling candle and a cute cross stitching kit. But honestly, her spending time with me was the best present. I don’t need things, but I do need people. And people taking the time to text, email, call, write, video chat, that’s what keeps me going and gives me purpose in life. Relationships.

My actual birthday this year was pretty splendid, I have to say. I was telling Elisabeth and Shari it’s one of my favorite birthdays because I felt so entirely loved. Funny, how during this weird time, when I can’t see anyone, I felt surrounded by love. People texted me, sent me cards, video chatted with me. I even got more cards after my birthday. It’s not that these people never told me happy birthday previously. But for some reason, this year, it just meant more. Shari came over and made dinner and puppy chow and we video chatted with the meetup group before I got to video chat with my family. My parents sang our birthday song that they’ve sung to me and Kaitlin every year since we were like 4 (Mom, correct me if I’m wrong, I can’t remember when you said you heard the song!).

So, I got a few gifts. Shari made me a blanket that I’ve used every day since my birthday. Katie emailed me. My parents got me really cute reusable lunch bags and an adorable sloth planter I had my eye on for the past year. Martha sent me a card. Kayla drew me a picture with her “magic” pen. Elisabeth got me hot sauce that I wanted. Lydia messaged me. And more and more. The list continues. I am so incredibly privileged to lead the life I lead. To have so many people care about me. I can only hope to pass on that care and that love because they all deserve it.

This is the last month of 2020. Hallelujah. I’m determined to make it as joyful a one as I can and to spread the joy as much as I can. I’ve decided to make a list (naturally) of things I want to do to keep up my cheer. I’d love to hear your ideas of what you’re going to do to keep you dark winter brighter.

  1. Message one person a day to check in on them and let them know I care.
  2. Write a letter to someone I care about once a week and mail it out.
  3. Video chat with my friends one on one more often – at least one a week.
  4. Bake some things!
  5. Cuddle up under blankets and watch movies I enjoy.

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