12-10-20 Ramen and flowers

Wednesday evenings have kind of become stay at home date nights with Shari recently, and they’re great. Since I’m not seeing my family these days, it’s nice having something to look forward to mid week. I normally go over to her apartment and we make dinner and watch a show (shout out for The Owl House – watch it if you can, such a cute, feel good cartoon, omg). However, my car is in the shop right now – I FINALLY took it in to have an all over check up. Go me! First time in 8 years. Which means first time ever. I guess 2020 is a year of “finally-s”. I finally made gingerbread. I finally took my car in. What else will I finally do before 2020 is over I wonder? Any ideas?

Anyway, because my car is not available to me at the moment, Shari came over to my apartment yesterday instead! We made homemade ramen – which is just ramen noodles in vegetable broth topped with goodies including spinach, tofu, and broccoli. Whatevs you want, you know? Oh it’s delicious, easy, and I don’t make this meal often enough. It also looks fancy if you pile on the toppings in their own sections. So I ate some tasty soup and got to hang out with my girlfriend. I practiced telling her a funny story since I still want to write my own joke one day (maybe that’s what I can do before the end of the year). She laughed so I think I’m on to something. Now to actually write out the story so I can tweak it and make it even better. Perhaps when I feel it’s in tip top shape I can post it on here and you all can tell me if you laughed or not. 😉

Shari also brought flowers for me just because she’s a lovely person and thought I could use flowers. How sweet is that? I loved them instantly – some beautiful Christmas flowers to go with my Christmas decor. They look great on my table. It was a fantastic evening. Good food, pretty flowers, and people you like truly make life worthwhile and enjoyable.

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