1-2-21 Ah, new year!

Welp, 2020 has come and gone. I’m okay with that, in fact I might be happy. And while I know that changing the year doesn’t really change anything, I can still hope that this year will bring me the covid vaccine and the chance to visit my friends in Oregon and Washington. I don’t quite have the time to reflect on all that has happened in 2020 but the big highlights:

  • Got divorced
  • Dealt with low platelet count
  • Covid
  • Started dating Shari
  • Got a new job & promotion at work
  • Strengthened my relationships

I took two pieces of paper on New Year’s Eve and wrote all the negatives of 2020 on one piece and all the positives of 2020 on the other piece. Shari and Elisabeth helped. And wouldn’t you know it, there were loads more positives than negatives. I’m not surprised, but it was still nice to see. I then tried to set fire to both pieces. The negative paper didn’t want to burn but the positives did and it was beautiful. Shari said that as it burned, it’s putting wishes for a positive 2021 into being. I loved it. An little circle didn’t burn however:

I found it interesting that this piece didn’t burn so I snapped a picture of it before throwing it away and saying goodbye to 2020.

On New Year’s Day, Shari and I got to see Kaitlin and the family! Oh my gosh, that totally made my day. I hadn’t seen them since our Christmas celebrations and since Emily isn’t in preschool right now I felt comfortable going and visiting. I love all four of them so much, they lift my mood immensely. Ollie was so incredibly loving. He kept kissing my leg and my arm, he’s never kissed me before. It was the sweetest thing ever. After he would kiss me I would ask, “May I kiss your head?” and when he would agree I’d give him a big kiss on his forehead and he would just laugh and smile. Gosh his little face of joy was so wonderful. I so enjoyed those moments.

Emily drew me a picture of herself and gave it to me before I left and that made me feel swell. She kissed and hugged me too and crawled up on my lap at one point. Those children are lovely human beings and I adore them with my entire being. I hope that I get to see them again soon. Right now they’re working on moving so it might be a bit so they have time to pack and settle back down.

So, let 2021 begin. I don’t set resolutions but I will set a couple of intentions:

  1. Love myself.
  2. Love others.
  3. Celebrate the awesome parts of life.
  4. Travel as much as I can.

I know I will do my best with all of them and that when December 2021 rolls around, I will find, yet again, that there were more positives than negatives. Let’s do this.

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