1-8-21 My Week

Shari moved into her new apartment this past Monday. I took a half day and Elisabeth and I helped her transition from one home to another. It all went very smoothly, thanks to Shari’s planning and the help of two men and a truck. I was also very impressed with how much we unpacked and got set up that same day. Shari now has a new bed, dresser, and bedside table that are all very suave and chic. They look beautiful in her new space. Shari has also been making progress this entire week with unpacking the remaining boxes and will most likely finish up this weekend. I’m excited to help her put up some art tomorrow evening! She’s gotta show off those gorgeous comics she has!

Kaitlin and Kevin are starting their moving this upcoming Monday and have been packing for the past month or so. It’s the time to move I suppose. Shari and I got to see them and my parents this past Wednesday evening as we drove around delivering the goodies we had made last weekend. It was wonderful getting to see my family again, especially my parent since they had been in Texas for a while because of my grandma’s death. I think it’ll be a few weeks before I see them all again what with them moving.

This week was full of delivering goodies to my friends and family and video chatting with said friends plus some. I so enjoyed getting to see my friends face to face when I dropped off the food, even if we were both wearing masks the whole time (which we were). I even got to see some of my friends’ homes for the first time and peek into their lifestyles and admire their art. My friends have great taste. They were all so gracious to let me into their homes for a few minutes. I loved getting to see them in their spaces.

After delivering treats on Wednesday, Shari and I made dinner together and then watched the Lego Batman movie that our friend, Mel, streamed for us. I had never seen the movie before but I figured I would like it because I liked both of the Lego Movies. I was right. It was funny and fun and exactly what my brain needed. I laughed a lot and found joy in the way the Legos moved and how the characters went “pew pew” when they shot their weapons. My goodness, there are so many great lines in this movie – “Who could chokehold a bear? BATMAN!” Yeah, that’s awesome.

This evening, Elisabeth and I are going to try out a new vegan/vegetarian restaurant and relax! This is the first evening this entire week that I don’t have any plans to talk or see people so I am going to stay in, eat a lot of food, and watch tv. Happy Friday! ❤

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