1-10-21 My weekend

This weekend was, overall, really fantastic. I didn’t have any social obligations so Saturday morning I took my time. I painted my nails and I finally sewed my very own mask. Look at that cute heart mask. I ended up breaking my sewing machine needle while I was sewing this because I had so much fabric I was trying to sew together so the completion of the mask was put on pause while Shari and I ran around town. I figured since I was going to JoAnn to get a replacement needle, I might as well go to all the other stores I wanted to so that I could get goodies to give to Brittany tomorrow and to get presents for my Meetup Secret Santa. Shari was kind and drove us around to all the places and later that afternoon, with my new needle in place, I finished the mask. It’s not perfect. It’s also my very first mask. But it does work and from far away you wouldn’t see the many many stitches. I am proud. I want to make another mask for myself but with a different pattern this time. I have lots of fabric left (originally, I thought Kaitlin and I would make masks together but it never ended up happening). I could always make myself some more napkins too with whatever fabric scraps I end up having.

I went over to Shari’s apartment yesterday evening and we made pizza (we discovered we really like ranch as the sauce instead of olive oil, give it a try sometime – ranch, spinach, cheese, and if you’re a meat eater, chicken) and started hanging up some of her art. Oh my goodness, Shari has a great eye for where to put things and she has a lot of cool comic book/super hero art. I’ll be going over there this evening as well to transfer over Kora (here’s hoping we do it with ease!) so maybe we can hang up some more stuff.

Today I took down Christmas – Pippin was extremely helpful, see picture to the left. 😉 I always forget how much extra space we have once the tree is gone. And light. Our apartment is lighter because the tree isn’t blocking half of the glass door. It feels good to have Christmas gone. It’s almost like, with Christmas gone, spring is just around the corner. And even though that’s not quite true, it’s close enough that I can be hopeful. I’ve made a couple of treats that will go in Brittany’s 2021 goodie basket tomorrow and I have done some odds and ends around the house. Let’s see what I get up to the rest of the day!

One thought on “1-10-21 My weekend

  1. Sounds like your weekend was lazy, fun, productive and tasty… that’s exactly what weekends are for. Yay for you!

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