What I like Wednesday: Breakfast Joints

Colorado, as anywhere I imagine, loves their brunch restaurants. And while I’m not a huge fan of pancakes (they’re great on occasion but I can’t handle them every day) and I don’t eat eggs anymore, there are still a couple of breakfast joints that I can, and definitely want to, recommend in Denver:

Denver Biscuit Co: Giant biscuits, even gianter biscuit sandwiches (yes, I know “gianter” isn’t a word but how else can I describe those gigantic sandwiches??!). I recommend the Lola biscuit sandwich if you’re a meat eater. Fried chicken, biscuit, and syrup – it’s delicious. I don’t believe they offer anything vegan, but they do offer vegetarian gravy and biscuits.

Tokyo Premium Bakery: Best bakery I have found in Denver. Hands down. If you only go to one place off this list, come here. Best croissants. They are flaky, melt in your mouth, and have the perfect sweetness. Their raspberry croissant, bacon and egg pastry, tuna egg triangle sandwich, and milk bread slices are all must eats as well. I believe the only vegan option they have are some of their drinks, however. Go as early as you can to get the freshest items and to have the most choices. They’re a bit pricey, but they are so worth it.

So RADish: 100% vegan restaurant! While they serve more than just breakfast, I’ve only been there once and had their Chick’n Biscuit Sandy which will now be my Denver Biscuit Co replacement. Holy moly was it good and tasted exactly like chicken and exactly how I wanted. This place is in Arvada so it was somewhat of a drive for me, but definitely worth it. I want to go again and try their other dishes.

Moe’s Bagels: Best cinnamon sugar bagel I have found in Denver. They have really delicious bagel sandwiches as well and cook their eggs perfectly. But the cinnamon sugar bagel is where it’s at for me. I see that they have vegan cream cheese so that’s awesome, but I haven’t tried it yet (the cinnamon sugar bagel doesn’t need cream cheese!).

Rosenberg’s Bagels: They have vegan cream cheese here and it is the best I’ve found, it actually tastes pretty much like regular cream cheese, so major shout out to them for having it. They also have fresh squeezed orange juice, something I haven’t found anywhere else, and it’s delicious. If they would just sell Moe’s Bagels’ cinnamon sugar bagel, this would be the perfect place for me.

Special mention VooDoo Donuts: VooDoo Donuts gets a special mention because they offer vegan donuts. I think their donuts are a little pricey but they are large so I guess it mostly makes sense. Since this isn’t a local chain they don’t get as many points from me. I try to support local when I can but, when I need a vegan donut, this is the place to go. Maple bar all the way!

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