1-18-21 My Weekend

I discovered who my meetup Secret Santa is! On Friday, those of us who participated in the Secret Santa hopped on a video call and opened the gifts we had secretly given one another. I had given my match, Mel, a kind of comfort gift box – fuzzy socks, lotion, soap, and a list of how to be comfortable that our friends sent me without them knowing the real purpose of my asking. (I still need to update the list a tiny bit but once that’s done I’ll share it here because everyone should have these tips!)

My Secret Santa was Kiarra, and she got me perhaps the most perfect gift she could. She gave me ingredients to make the Nigerian food she made for the meetup right before covid took over. I loved the food and asked for the recipes (which I think she did give me back then but I lost the links long ago) but I never made the dish myself. Welp, Kiarra not only provided the Nigerian ingredients I would, need she also wrote out the recipes for me. I felt so honored and loved. I’m going to have to make Egusi stew with fufu in the coming weeks and share my endeavors.

On Saturday I took care of household chores and tending to my plants before heading over to Shari’s. We hung up her hat collection and made dinner when Elisabeth came over! She ate with us and we watched a Batman movie and it was splendid. I spent most of the day at Shari’s on Sunday as well where we lounged around and I finally finished watching Owl House, the show that I fell in love with months ago thanks to Shari and Elisabeth. We put up some more art (Shari’s apartment is definitely a home now, her space is cozy and wonderful) and went on a walk at the park. I also loved on Kora lots because she’s no longer trapped in Elisabeth’s room anymore. Moving Kora over to Shari was such a fantastic decision, Kora is thriving and seems to be quite happy, even though she does still need to adjust to some of the sounds. I am so grateful that Kaitlin and Kevin made the decision to find a new home for her and I am so happy that Shari can be that home. They’re an adorable pair.

My weekend was pleasant and intentional. My intentions this week are to love myself by going slowly and taking time for me, which I am doing now! Here’s to a week that each of you intend to have. ❤

One thought on “1-18-21 My Weekend

  1. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again… I LOVE YOUR BLOGS! Can’t wait to see your list. I made a self care list about 3 years ago. Good thing to have.

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