What I like Wednesday: Nerdy Events

Denver does a great job at providing a plethora of nerdy events for the geek within us all. Below are my favorite events that happen throughout the year, I’ll have to do another post later about the geeky shops that are here every day.

DiNK: Denver Independent Comics & Art Expo. Generally happens every spring where local, and near local, comic writers and artists set up booths and sell their wares. There are panels and workshops and a dog cosplay competition. I liked this event even before I started getting into comics because I could find art from independent artists. I could find art that I liked at a price that I could afford all while supporting people that lived in or near Colorado. I am excited to hear that DiNK plans on being a thing in 2021, I would love to support the event again.

Night at the Museum: Every November, a majority of the museums in the Denver area (and all of Colorado actually, I think), open their doors late into the evening for free. From 5pm to 10pm buses drive you around the city from museum to museum. Hop on and off whenever you want and visit museums you’d never have gone to before or visit your long time favorites (Denver Nature and Science Museum, anyone?) The evening is one of learning, enjoying, and perhaps becoming a tiny bit more cultured. And it’s all for free.

Mixed Taste: The Denver Center for Performing Arts chooses two experts from two unique industries and each are given 20 minutes to talk about their topic. I went to an in person version a couple of years ago and a virtual version just this past year. Shout out to DCPA and the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver for hosting 2020’s Mixed Taste season 100% online and 100% for free. They’ll be doing a shorter 2021 winter season to tide us over until warmer months so be on the lookout for that! The topics aren’t quite what you’re interested in? It’s probably still worth it to go. Again, you’ll learn something new and you’re guaranteed a couple of laughs as well. And then you get to end the evening with a local poet sharing a poem he/she wrote based off of that night’s discussion. The whole thing is clever, creative, and lively.

Special mention Nerd Nite: Nerd Nite is similar to Mixed Taste in that three different experts from their fields give presentations on their sectors of the world. The difference is that there is no Q&A after where audience members try to ask a question that merges all the topics previously discussed. I do think there was a Q&A time, however, if I’m remembering correctly. I haven’t been in years because it happens on a weeknight at 7pm and this girl right here just can’t handle it, that’s too late. That’s why this only gets a Special Mention.

Special mention – First Friday Art Walks: Elisabeth and I went to our very first and our only First Friday Art Walk in October 2019. Once a month, art galleries open up for free for people to wander, and perhaps, buy, art. The main extravaganza is off of Sante Fe Dr but there are other sections of Denver that also host the gatherings. It was too loud and too crowded for me which is why it gets a special mention but I think it’s something everyone should go to at least once and the fact that it was crowded makes me so happy because it means people take advantage of what our city has to offer.

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