1-25-21 Masks and Bread

Sunday morning I tried out a new recipe – a brioche bread recipe. Bread continues to elude me, it’s the yeast and the rising aspect of it that I just haven’t been able to grasp yet. But still, a couple of times a year, I try a recipe with yeast in it. The recipes call to me, the pictures of enticing, golden loaves and round rolls whisper to me, “You could be eating me right now if you just combined the ingredients properly. You can do it!” and my brain thinks, “Yeah, maybe this time I can do it.” At least I never fully give up on the endeavor to make a light, fluffy loaf of bread. It’s like vegan desserts, I will not let them, nor bread, get the best of me!

So, Sunday morning, I made brioche. My first go at it. It did not rise quite like it was supposed to, but this time I do not feel dejected like I have in the past. This time, I shrugged and proceeded to eat the bread, even if it is a tiny bit dense (but only a tiny bit). The flavor is good. And the bread knife slides through the loaf almost like it’s butter, the bread is that soft. Or magical? I am proud. And I will try again, hopefully sooner than it normally takes me to get up the courage to bake bread after a less than perfect result. I feel like this bread recipe really has promise.

I also sewed another mask on Sunday. This mini vacation of mine I really rocked, and felt happy while doing so (which is really the key – not feeling pressured to be productive while still being ‘productive’). This time I made a mask with my cat fabric (I was going to include a picture but the mask is dirty, so another time!). I made it a little tighter than my previous mask but I still think it’s wearable. And I’m still proud. Creating, whether it be baking or sewing, writing or cross stitching, is very fulfilling for me, and joyful. I hope all of you find that creativity activity that brings you the same feelings.

Finally, here is the 2021 Comfort Guide I created with the help of my friends’ opinions. I, yet again, really enjoyed creating this and hope to find other uses for the Canva website this year because making power points and posters is a lot of fun. All of you should try it out too!

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