What I like Wednesday: Resatuarants – Aurora

I’m not always in Denver proper so I’ve had the chance to experience some great food in other cities and suburbs. Today I’d like to spotlight three restaurants I enjoy in Aurora, Colorado.

Misaki at Stanley: Delicious sushi – try their sweet potato tempura roll and their Green Monster roll. OMG. Those two things are the only things I need in life (ok, I’m kidding, but they’re legit good and everyone should eat them once). I’ve never had their non-vegetarian sushi so I can’t vouch for it, but from the amount of people that come to this place, I’d say everything on their menu is probably high quality and delicious. They’re situated within Stanley Marketplace.

Bua Thai: Really good Thai food (according to me, a white woman). Their yellow curry is the best I’ve found and usually they can make it not spicy for me, which is even more amazing. For those that like spice, this place will not hold back. White people who think they can handle their spice have eaten here and had snot pouring out of their nose because it was so hot. Their food and flavors are on point.

Star of India: Veggie korma? Check. Palak paneer? Check. Naan? Yep. This place has not disappointed me once. Their dishes are perhaps a bit spicier than I’d prefer but they are still worth the pain. I like their naan quite a bit and when I ate cheese, their palak paneer was my favorite. I think this is my favorite Indian restaurant I’ve found in Colorado.

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