1-31-21 My Week

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind. I took Pippin to the vet on Tuesday to check out a bald spot he’s had for a while. The vet says his bloodwork is normal and he’s in good health so I’m not sure what’s going on but if I find any other bald spots, they’ll give me allergy meds for him as the next step. I’m wondering if perhaps he was anxious with Kora staying here for a little over a month and that caused hair loss. I will keep an eye on it and see how he does.

Wednesday evening I spent 2 1/2 hours at the dentist getting a crown. I had been feeling nervous the previous four days ever since I knew I’d have to get one, mostly because I figured it would be painful. But Dr. Kaz knew her stuff and gave me the right amount of numbing meds to where I didn’t feel any pain the whole time. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve had fillings that took less time than this and felt pain. This dentist is the first dentist that ever asked me, “When you’ve had to be numbed before, did it work for you?” When I told her I’ve felt pain prior she asked if I had any Scottish or Irish blood in me. I said yes and she nodded, “Red heads are missing a gene and it makes the numbing medication not work as well and it wears off faster.” I couldn’t believe it. I’ve had so many fillings in my life before and not one dentist has asked me that. Not one. I liked my dentist before this but she made me a member for life after last week. Shout out to Aurora Modern Dentistry!

Elisabeth, Shari, and I made breakfast for dinner on Friday evening. Shari recently got a waffle maker and I wanted her to try Just Eggs and the Beyond Meat breakfast sausage I love and voila, breakfast for dinner was decided. While Shari said the Just Eggs were better than the tofu “egg” scramble she would not agree that they tasted the same as real scrambled eggs. What can I say, I haven’t had real scrambled eggs in over a year, I don’t know what eggs and meat taste like anymore. I’m proud of her for trying all these vegan items even if she doesn’t love them.

Yesterday I finally put up the beautiful glass hummingbird that Lydia got me. It shines so brightly, the colors pop out and I love looking at it. Hopefully I can get my butt in gear this summer and set up the hummingbird feeders again so I can watch both real hummingbirds and my glass hummingbird at the same time.

My friend, Kayla, recently sent me a homemade macramé to hang a plant in and a Plant Journal that she designed, wrote, and printed herself (she’s quite talented). So today, Shari, Elisabeth, and I drove around looking for plants. I say “drove around” because none of us ended up getting plants. I made the mistake of not confirming that the plant store I wanted to go to was open so when we got there and saw an empty parking lot we made a new plan to go to a different plant store. Google told us it was open so we drove another 20 plus minutes to the other plant store only to find another empty parking lot. Both places were closed. So I took us to Lowe’s instead to look at plants but their selection, while decent, wasn’t quite what we wanted. Shari got a couple of tools she needed and we stopped by Happy Lemon, a boba and boba waffle place, on our way back so the trip wasn’t a loss. I’ll go to the plant store next Saturday, when I know the place is open, and hopefully get a plant or two. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the many plants I already have and love!

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