What I like Wednesday: Organizations Doing Good

There is a lot of good happening in Denver, and Colorado in general, and I wanted to share two companies that I like.

Scraps: This is the company that runs the composting program I pay for. If you’re lucky, they have routes where they’ll pick up your compost on a weekly basis. I am not as lucky (come on apartment complex, let’s get on this!) and so I have to drop off my compost at one of their drop off locations. If you’re like me, then you choose a drop off location closest to you, join as a member, and receive a code to unlock your drop off location’s compost bin. There are a handful of drop off sites across the Denver metro area. I really appreciate this organization because without it, I wouldn’t be able to compost. Now, I’m able to hand off my food scraps and tissues (yes, you can compost used tissues!) in order to help create rich soil. The cost is worth it.

Denver Community Fridge: A local college student started a project where they set up fridges out in the open around Denver (and Boulder) with food that anyone in need can take, for free. Food is donated by restaurants and individuals. The community supports the community. I love this idea so much. Hopefully my work will soon be sponsoring a fridge. I would very much like to donate food myself, but currently there is not a fridge near me, so if my work is able to host a fridge at our building, I could donate food on a regular basis. Don’t have a fridge near you either? Maybe consider donating money. No one should go hungry.

Check out all the things I like about Colorado here!

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