2-7-21 Elisabeth’s birthday

Elisabeth turned another year older yesterday! Happy birthday, my friend! I am sorry to report that the inflatable pink birthday cake I’ve had since I was a baby had it’s last hurrah on my birthday. Little did I know that at the time, but something happened to the mouth piece and there is a leak now. When Shari went to blow it up yesterday morning, we were disappointed to find that it would not stay inflated. I refuse to abandon it, however. This cake is with me until I die. So we inflated it as best we could and Elisabeth got to see a half inflated cake on the table when she came out.

After that, we started the morning with homemade scones. Elisabeth purchased clotted cream for herself specifically for the occasion. Then we went to Nick’s Garden Center and I am happy to report that the place was open this time. I have finally, FINALLY, gifted Elisabeth a plant of her choosing! She now is the proud owner of a very beautiful snake plant and an adorable tiny Christmas cactus. I am confident that she will be able to keep both alive for more than a few months.

I popped over to Costco once I dropped Elisabeth back off at home so that I could pick up the birthday present I had gotten for her. I commissioned one of her friends to draw Elisabeth as a the tarot card, Justice, and she was able to finish it and submit a print request for me just on time. The card is to the right. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, it totally looks like Elisabeth. I gave Elisabeth the print when I returned and then we all put on onesies so we would feel comfy as we played board games online with one of her other friends. We played Sushi Go, Concept, and Love Letter. We’ll play some more games later today too!

We made homemade pizzas for dinner and then watched Mad Max online with many of Elisabeth’s friends. The chat happening during the movie was great, Elisabeth has some funny friends. In less than an hour we’ll be watching Pacific Rim, another of Elisabeth’s favorite movies. It’s a weekend of birthday celebrations! And tonight I will try making the Nigeran egusi stew recipe that my friend, Kiarra, gave me from secret Santa last month. Crossing my fingers it goes well.

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