2-15-21 Friends & Games

Because yesterday was a high of 5 degrees (eek), my friend, Robyn, and I moved our in person walk to a virtual video hangout instead. I think we made the right decision. We got on the topic of the cold weather, because, you know, we had to, and she started telling me about how if you’re outside in this level of cold your nose hairs can start to freeze. She grew up in Wisconsin where it happened on a somewhat regular basis. I had never heard of that before! I’m sure it’s a unique experience, but it’s definitely not one I’m yearning to have. Still, I wanted to share. 😉

Later in the afternoon, Shari came over and we played Bandida, the new game that Lydia unexpectedly sent over to me! The rules are fairly simple and the game is quick to learn and fairly quick to play (I bet we’ll get faster as we become more familiar with the mechanics). It’s also compact so it’s a great game to bring wherever you go. One day we’ll be able to interact with one another again and who knows, perhaps strangers will want to play games with me. Or, I’ll travel around visiting my friends and family and I can teach them how to play. That’s a lovely dream.

Today I finally put up the macramé that Kayla made for me and I am loving it. I had purchased a philodendron plant a couple of weekends ago specifically for this hanger and so I thought it was high time I actually hung it up. It’s hanging by the dining room table so I can look at it every time I eat and wander by. I haven’t actually potted the plant yet, maybe this weekend, and once that’s done it’ll look even better. Eventually, Elisabeth will be putting up her macramé on the other side of the wall so we’ll have plants framing the mineral poster, it’ll be great.

So my weekend ended with a game and some more WandaVision and my week started with hanging plants. I’d say I’m off to a good start. 😀

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