2-22-21 Botanicals, bread, & bingo

Bread pre oven

I couldn’t help myself with an alliteration – botanicals, bread, and bingo – it was just too good to pass up. You’re welcome.

Yesterday revealed itself to be an overall pleasant day. I’m on steroids for a few days to help with my sensitive tooth (thanks new crown) and so my mood was low on Saturday and somewhat low on Sunday. But thanks to Elisabeth and Shari staying calm and reminding me to take it easy, I enjoyed most of Sunday. Shari helped me bake my second batch of vegan brioche. It didn’t rise like it should, yet again, so I don’t know quite what’s up. But I still haven’t given up and will definitely make it a third time. I think this may be the first bread recipe that I’ve made twice. I’m fairly certain all the other recipes I’ve tried previously have slowly and sadly gone to the wayside. Perhaps if I can get this brioche to function as it should, I will have the courage to retry other recipes.

As the bread was baking, Elisabeth and I potted the plants we had purchased a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t wait until spring to repot so I said, “Let’s just do it!”, and hoped that the roots would survive being out in the less than ideal temperature for a couple of minutes. It’s been one day and so far they’ve all survived. 😉 Elisabeth set up her newly planted tiny Christmas cactus on one of the shelves in the kitchen that had recently become bare because I somehow killed the plant that was previously up there. Oops. I am happy we have another plant to take its place and she even added a beautiful orange print that goes perfectly.

I got some cross stitching in and in the afternoon had a comic book meetup chat with my friends where we ended with a game of bingo (because we read Bingo Love as one of our comics and how could I not make my friends play bingo with me after that?!). I think bingo was a smash and I think I’ll probably run another game of it sometime so if any of you want in on that, let me know! It was real easy to set up, in fact, I’m gonna have to think of ways to make it more enjoyable. A prize maybe?

The evening ended with homemade risotto and watching an Australian Lego building competition reality tv show (that’s a mouthful) that I loved so much, minus this one dude who I could not tolerate (there are only bad words to describe him so I’ll leave it as is). It reminded me that Ben had made a Lego car recently and encouraged me to give Legos a try so now I’m on the lookout for my perfect Lego build. Bonsai tree? Lord of the Rings? Who knows! But I will be watching another episode of that show in the near future, it was lovely.

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