What I like Wednesday – Colorado’s Warm Winter Days

Sometimes the aspects of Colorado that I like aren’t as tangible as eating a slice of pizza or visiting a museum. Sometimes, they are the small moments or the singular days that I experience throughout the year. Today, I’m referring to those warm days in February and March. The days that fall between 60 to 70 degrees. The sun is out and there’s minimal clouds in the sky, the wind has died down and most, or all, of the snow has melted. The days when the grass is still brown and yellow (or maybe a tiny tiny bit green if you squint hard enough) and only the pines are full. Those days that come after a 30 or 40 degree day, after a snow, or after a cloudy sky. Those are the days when I walk outside during lunch and remind myself that spring will return. That I can wait a bit longer before the world of green bursts forth once again. Those are the days of promise and of a lightness that you only feel if you’ve also lived through the many cold, dreary days of the past.

Perhaps other states have these kinds of days too. I’ve lived in Colorado for almost 9 years now so my memory of other states’ weather patterns is hazy. But even still, even if Colorado isn’t unique in these random days of warmth, these days are special to me and I associate them with Colorado. They keep me going and they bring me such joy and hope. They also make the snow storms that we inevitably have afterward more bearable.

So I encourage all of you, regardless of where you live, if you are presented with a mildly warm winter day where the sun shines and the sidewalks are clear, go on a walk. Pause, at some point, face the sun, close your eyes, and breathe for a few moments. Breathe, and feel your lungs fill with fresh air. Breathe, and feel the slight breeze on your skin and how the sun warms you. Breathe, and know that warmer days are ahead.

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