What I like Wednesday: Game Time

Denver and the surrounding area is privileged to house a variety of companies that offer board games or arcade games to play. Playing games stretches your mind and gives you the opportunity to create bonds with friends and strangers alike so who doesn’t want to visit the below places? Plus, they usually offer food and we all need to eat, so…I’m not seeing any downsides to this. 😉

The first board game place I visited was Board Game Republic. A $5 cover fee and you could play games for as long as you wanted. I went there a handful of times and even had part of the Shindig there. I discovered while writing this, however, that this place is now permanently closed. I still wanted to give it a shout out and wish the staff the best in whatever new places of work they find themselves.

The second place I traversed was The 1Up Arcade Bar. Get yourself some quarters and play all the classic arcade games as well as a plethora of pinball machines. As some of you can probably guess, this place was a little too loud and too crowded for me so if I go again I’ll aim for arriving at a less busy time. I still wanted to mention 1Up though because it’s a neat idea and is relatively cheap, take however many quarters are in your budget (you can also get quarters at the bar) and when your quarters are done, you’re done. Arcades are no longer a thing of the past with this bar!

I then had a comic book meetup at Enchanted Grounds, a board game cafe, and I really liked the space. It was harder to find board games to play (Board Game Republic had a whole wall, Enchanted Grounds just has a list), but there was no cover fee. They serve drinks with a small selection of food and snacks and they also sell board games, which I think is great. You can reserve tables and there are two locations – Highlands Ranch and Littleton. I will definitely be going back once covid dies down!

And finally, a place that I have not yet been to but definitely want to visit is Denver Game Lounge, a restaurant where you can also play games. Due to covid, they are currently only open for private events so this will be another “post covid” visit.

These spaces provide a much needed escape from the world and I look forward to visiting them again, hopefully with some of you!

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One thought on “What I like Wednesday: Game Time

  1. That is sad to hear about Board Game Republic. I too am a fan of Enchanted Grounds. They make a mean smoothie and often have unique comic covers too. I am really enjoying your Wednesday posts. 🙂 :*

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