3-8-21 My Sunday

My Sunday was basically as rad as my Saturday was. In the afternoon, Shari, Elisabeth, and I went on a walk at Westlands Park, a park in DTC that Shari was familiar with. I loved getting to wander around a new park I had never been to or heard of before. Thanks Shari for introducing me to it. There were loads of picnic tables and some grassy areas covered by trees that would make great meetup locations for soon to be social distance hangouts with my friends.

There was a lovely view of the Rocky Mountains at the top of the park that I’m just now realizing would be a fantastic sunset watching location. I know what I’m doing later this year! We took a path leading into a neighborhood for a few extra steps where we came across a house that had a giant “YO” sign in their side yard. Because there was no fence, I had Shari and Elisabeth stand by it so I could take a picture. Gotta enjoy the little moments. I then also made them pose in the middle of the sidewalk so I could take shadow pictures of us. Shadows are so much fun!

After the walk, Shari and I finally, FINALLY trimmed Kora’s nails. This has been something in the back of my mind ever since Elisabeth and I took her in back in December. Elisabeth and I tried a couple of times but never to any avail. But now that Kora has been in her new home for two months and she’s had time to get to know Shari and to trust her, we thought it was time to give it a go again. It was a success! Shari wrapped Kora up in a towel and through some clearly upset meowing, we trimmed those nails one by one. We got every paw. Every nail! Shari did an amazing job holding Kora and trying to keep her calm. I think it went so well because Kora trusts her. This gives me hope that we can trim her nails more often and we’ll never make her go back to those overly long nails again.

The other highlight of my day was getting a 50% off code from Spoonflower, the fabric website that I have used a handful of times now. In the past, I got fabric from them to make masks and napkins. They had a sale last week that I wasn’t able to get in on and I felt so bummed. So I decided I would email them to see if they would make an exception and let me do the 50% off a day late or if they could tell me when the next sale would be. A few days later and this afternoon I got an email saying, “We won’t have a sale like this for a long time most likely so here’s a code for you to use in the next 5 days for 50% off. Enjoy!” Wow. Wow. I couldn’t believe it. They just made me a customer for life right there. I have now ordered five different fabrics to make myself some more napkins. I can’t wait!

Waiting to get my car washed and happy that the inside is now litter free!

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