What I like Wednesday: Denver & Arapahoe Public Libraries

As I write this, I continue to check the weather forecast to try to guess how much snow Denver is going to get this weekend and I reminisce of another March a few years ago now where I went to a Denver library (Schlessman to be specific) to cross stitch. The library had taught me how to cross stitch in January and I brought Elisabeth back with me in March so she could learn and so I could solidify my skills. It had snowed and was still snowing when we went but I was determined to introduce her to cross stitching so there was no stopping me, I was going to drive in the bad weather. (We made it to and from with no issues, happily). At that time, the library provided us with supplies at no cost. I think back on that and am filled with warm feelings towards both Denver and Arapahoe Public Libraries. I’m certain there are other awesome library districts in the world but most of my experience is with these two systems and I want to sing their praises.

Denver Public Libraries is usually my go to library (shh, don’t tell Elisabeth that!). I love their website design as I find it easy to navigate. But it’s not just their website that rocks. They provide events throughout the year, some of which I have interest in and participate in, like the cross stitching class. In the past I have created my own snowglobe and participated in their winter reading program. I have reserved one of their many museum passes and I even met with a business specialist librarian who showed me online resources I could access through the library and how to navigate them. During First Friday Art Walks one of their libraries had opened up their lawn and offered all required paint supplies to create your own masterpiece. They raffled off tickets to the Denver Symphony and Elisabeth even won them once!

Arapahoe Public Libraries also has a special place in my heart because it’s where Elisabeth works! There was also a library really close to my old house so it was wonderful to swing over there after work and pick up whatever book I had reserved. They had a 3D printer (and probably still do) that printed out cute little doo dads that you could take for free. Plus, you could email them a 3D file you want printed and a week or so later go pick up your design, again, for free. That’s where I had my D&D logo keychain printed. They have an account with Hoopla, an online reading platform, where I find a good portion of the monthly comics my meetup group reads.

Some libraries do personalized book suggestions too.

There’s definitely more that these libraries have to offer so don’t take my word for how awesome they are, go click on the links, sign up for your own free cards, and get browsing! Libraries are a really amazing resources for our communities and I hope everyone takes advantage of them in one way or another.

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