3-14-21 Superb Saturday

Instead of visiting my family in Colorado Springs this weekend like I had planned, because a good portion of snow was predicted, I stayed at home. I had taken a half day on Friday so I could spend more time with my family but since I didn’t visit them, I used that time instead to bake chocolate chip cookies and sew myself another mask. This time around, I embroidered a pink heart on my mask to give it a little bit extra flare. I think if I make another mask in the future, I’m gonna look for a different pattern. While this pattern is easy to make, it covers such a big portion of my face that it almost touches my eyes and that’s a bit bothersome. Still, I like sewing and these masks might be my favorite out of all the ones I have. I still have leftover heart fabric so I’m thinking maybe I’ll make some napkins out of that. Can’t have too many cloth napkins, right? 😉

Shari, the ever wonderful girlfriend, knew that I had really wanted to see my family so she was extra kind and understanding yesterday as I woke up and felt a little down. She made me oatmeal for breakfast and we watched the second episode of Hilda, a Netflix show Elisabeth had recommended to us. Then we hunkered down under some blankets and watched the latest Spiderman movie to complete Shari’s re-watching of the Marvel movies.

It was snowing by the time we finished the movie but Shari convinced me to go on a walk because she knows that being outside lifts my spirits, even if it’s cold out. She was correct. We bundled up and walked around the park, and while there were some moments where the snow pelted our faces, I felt so light and free. I felt like a little kid again and I even got Shari to swing on the swings with me for a few minutes since no one was out there. I can’t feel down when I’m swinging, it’s just not possible! There’s something magical about snow, especially if you’re wandering around an empty park (we did see three people but for the most part we were alone) and the snow is so thick you can’t see the roads or the houses surrounding it.

After our walk we had lunch at my place and then watched another episode of Australia’s Lego Masters. Guys, download the Tubi application on your tv and watch that show. It’s awesome and I’m now planning a Squirrel Girl tree house apartment Lego build I want to do one day. I sewed Shari a heating pad filled with rice once the show was done because she didn’t have a heating pad and we all know that when your back is sore or your shoulders ache, putting some warmth on your muscles can be exactly what you need. Plus, I like heating up my heating sock before bed and sticking it by my feet under the covers. Ahh, it’s a great way to end my days. She chose some of the cute cat fabric I had and 10 or so minutes later, voila, she had her very own heating apparatus. One of these days I’d like to make myself some glove versions since my hands get cold while at the computer.

Shari then taught me how to play Cribbage, one of her favorite games. We played on Board Game Arena and she won the first game and I won the second! I think I’ll challenge her to another round later today and see if I remember what she taught me. We tried out a new dish for dinner – Sticky Sichuan Tofu – and then played Tokaido on Board Game Arena, this time with Elisabeth and Kayla! This is the game I wanted to play for my birthday back in November but we never got around to it, so I was thrilled that we all had the time last night to give it a go.

So while my weekend didn’t turn out how I had wanted it to, I still have had a really great one so far. Elisabeth made cinnamon sugar donuts in muffin tins this morning and I’ve been getting some blog prep done. I’m feeling good and looking forward to next weekend when hopefully I can see my family then!

Stay warm out there!

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