3-15-21 Snowy times

I did not get a snow day today. It snowed a bunch of inches yesterday (yes, “a bunch” is a scientific term ;)) and I did not get a snow day. Being an adult, working from home, and being salary can have its downfalls it turns out. There’s few of them, to be fair, but they do exist. I did get off work two hours early and prior to that I did complete work that probably needed to be done and I did it all in a calm, steady pace manner, so I don’t feel like the day was wasted. I kind of enjoyed the slightly slower mode of the morning, not everyone at my company worked (those that are hourly got it off) so my world felt quieter. And that was nice. I’ll try to remember that feeling tomorrow.

So I got off work in the early afternoon and I watered my plants because writing and playing board games online distracted me yesterday and I didn’t get that task done. I helped Elisabeth take a picture of herself and the tiny snowman she built on our balcony so she could send the polaroid picture to her nephews. I started re-reading Check Please!, the webcomic about a college student on a hockey team that I had read a handful of years ago and never finished. And then, I went on a walk with Shari.

The sun is out and the snow that was plowed is melting quite quickly, so much so that there are small floods happening all over the place and you might find yourself stepping in a puddle that covers you all the way past your ankles if you aren’t careful. But, because Denver requires driveways and sidewalks to be shoveled shortly after a snowfall, we were able to walk in the neighborhood without too much trouble. After making a loop we crossed the street over to the park so we could build a snowman. I so enjoyed myself but it turns out building a snowman is harder than I anticipated. Perhaps the best building time would have been yesterday or this morning. But the sun was able to heat up the snow all day today and it became impossible to roll. So we did our best and ended up creating Milfred Snowface, a snow snail dinosaur monster kind of creature, of which you can see a picture of him to the left. He came up a little past my waist and we made a tail for him that was a couple of feet long. I even added some spikes to it. We gave him ears and shari gave him some badass eyebrows and a nose. No one will know what he is (I don’t even know what he is) but he was a blast to create.

We shoveled behind our cars after that so we could get out if needed. I’m very happy that I purchased a small snow shovel a few months ago. It has already come in handy. Now Elisabeth is making some tofu bahn mi sandwiches for our dinner and the sun is still out since we just had daylight savings. I’m feeling decent. I wrote a decent amount yesterday (prepping some What I like Wednesday posts) and I played a decent amount of games on Board Game Arena and honestly, those two things really kept my mood up. I think being creative makes me feel better than just watching tv for hours. It’s getting to the point of creating that’s hard cause watching tv is so much easier. But not more fulfilling. So here I am writing another blog post and thinking about playing another game of Cribbage later! I hope everyone is able to get outside this week and maybe build a tiny art piece out of snow themselves. Who cares if you can’t tell what it is. Making something with your hands is still totally worth it! ❤

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